XAT 2018 – How To Prepare For The Exam?

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If you have come to this place, it means that you know that XAT 2018 is going to be held on the 7th of January 2018. As you know, this test is conducted by the Xavier Labour Relations Institute, shortly called as XLRI. Now, you are left with less than five months to prepare for this exam. Let us get into some useful tips on how to prepare for this test:

Know everything about the exam:
The first thing you will have to do is to develop a complete understanding of the exam. This means that you should know the pattern of the test and of course, you should be aware of the syllabus. In addition, you should also know about the cut-off generally needed for admission to XLRI on the basis of the category to which you belong to.

Create a timetable for preparation:
Once you are completely aware of the syllabus and exam pattern, you should know the areas that you should focus more as they are your weak areas. In addition, you should identify your strong areas. When preparing the timetable for preparation, of course, you should give more time for the areas in which you are weak.

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In addition, you should identify your strong areas. When preparing the timetable for preparation, of course, you should give more time for the areas in which you are weak.

In addition to your own strong and weak areas, you should also frame your plan on the basis of chapters that are more important and those that are less important. The best thing you can do is to divide your preparation process into several steps. After completion of one step, you can test your knowledge before moving on to the next step.

Choose the chapters to prepare in the right order:

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The right order differs from one person to another and it also relies on the time left for the examination. As you have four-month time left for preparation, you can make chapter-wise preparation on the basis of the syllabus for XAT 2018.

But, in case, you start preparation late, it is important that you should first focus on the chapters in the order of importance. You can understand the order of importance from the past question papers of XAT examinations. From the past question papers, you can know the number of questions asked for each chapter in a particular subject.

For instance, if you are preparing for verbal and logical ability, have a close look at the frequently asked questions or the chapters from which questions are most asked and chapters from which lesser questions are asked. You can plan your preparation in the order of importance.

Prepare, master, and revise:

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The answer to the question how to prepare for XAT 2018 should not stop just with the preparation, but you should continuously master yourself and you should also allocate time for revision. For instance, once you prepare a chapter, you should master yourself in the chapter by testing yourself. Before taking the test on your own or through an online service, it is important that you should revise.

Taking up such mock tests will give you an idea on your stand. Even, you can revise yourself using the past question papers. Once you prepare a chapter, just look for questions from the particular chapter from past question papers and practice them to know whether you have prepared well.

Give time for breaks:
It is recommended to start your preparation early. If you postpone the preparation process, you will be in a hurry. The things that you study will remain in your mind only when you prepare in a relaxed mood. Rather, last minute preparation will keep you in a hurry and you will forget about taking breaks in between. This is not good. It can add to your stress and sleeplessness. So, do not procrastinate the preparation.

Once you have decided that you are going to apply for XAT 2018, you can start your preparation and this can happen even before you apply for the test. Make sure that you get at least 6 hours of sleep every night, such that your mind will be relaxed during the preparation process.

Do not get into your books all day long. Just take breaks and during the breaks, you can take small naps or even you can engage in some games or you can listen to your favorite music.

In addition, your preparation should happen in a quiet atmosphere or in a place that you love for preparation in your home. If you are good at group study, you can plan the same along with your friends.

Remember that preparing and succeeding in competitive examination like XAT 2018 is not tricky. Many students have succeeded in the test mainly because of their dedicated approach.

Your goal should be to score well and you should be highly focused. Only a good score in the XAT exam will get you a seat for your dream course in a dream institution. Remember this and start your preparation. Let success be with you!

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