Why Designer Wall Tiles India are Gaining Popularity

Designer Wall Tiles

Designer wall tiles, a non-entity a couple of decades ago in the Indian market, is today seeing a brisk business. From corporate offices to private homes – designer tiles can be found on a number of walls. These tiles range from customized to special collectives. They are no longer the exclusive domain of the very rich, making their way too many middle and higher middle class homes.

So, is it an accident or a fad? The steadily rising sales indicate that it’s a stable trend and not a passing fad. So, what explains their relative sudden popularity? The reasons behind the trend are many:

Pride in own home:
Indians have always been house-proud. With a culture that values the family above all else, a family abode is not just a place for refuge and closeness. It is also a place that we cherish and feel proud of. A house is also often our place of pride where we showcase our achievements and welcome our guests. Keeping a beautifully decorated home has, hence, always been a sign of a proud home-owner. Given this tradition, it is not surprising that we look for the best when it comes to decorating our home, such as designer wall tiles.

Rising disposable income:
The question that comes is, why now? Why this sudden interest in designer wall tiles? The answer could simply be because we now can! Ever since the opening up of the Indian economy, the salary of the average middle class home has been on the rise. Unlike our parents, we now have actual disposable income that is used to buy those extra luxury items like exotic holidays and designer wall tiles!


Rising materialism:
The rise in income has had a flip side — rising materialism. Where our forefathers advocated the simple life, the modern youth believes in indulging their little whims. To many that means buying the best irrespective of the cost. It has led to the race of buying the shiniest and most coveted item. Often this means exclusive material like designer tiles.

Adding to property value:
It is not just the show and glitz that makes designer tiles a worthy investment. These tiles actually offer a really good return on investment. The inclusion of premium tiles in a property increases the value of the property. A specially commissioned tile work is valuable artwork and seen in the same way. Since these are seen as premium objects, they have a direct effect on the overall property.


Wide range:
The reason so many of us are going for designer tiles is because no matter what our style, we will find one that will fit the bill. Designer tiles today span a wide range of styles and aesthetics. From contemporary designs to cottage style — designers are today offering innovative ideas in all categories.

The biggest advantage of designer wall tiles is the complete customization offered. You can customize a special artwork or create a special nook in a house with customized tiles. In-fact, specially commissioned tile work are one of the uber specialties in this category. In short, you can create a really special piece of mounted art that is tailored to your needs and taste.


Designer tiles fall at the very top of the spectrum. These are made from the best of material, undergoing a long process of post-treatment to ensure a long life. Most of these will also come with a life guarantee, ensuring that you will be compensated for poor quality. In short, this is an investment that will last you a long time!

The higher aesthetic value if an obvious advantage of a designer tile. These are created by people whose profession is to create beautiful works of art. If you go for designer commissioned tiles, you are actually buying artwork that can rival beautiful paintings.

One of the reasons for their popularity is their increasing affordability. This is not just because of rising incomes. Many leading tile makers are today offering a premium line of designer wall tiles that are not as expensive as you may imagine. Though a specially commissioned artwork will not come cheap, a limited designer option falls under the more affordable category.

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