Why Brass PRP Fittings are Builder Favourites

Brass PRP Fittings

If you could dismantle your home, you will find it scattered with bits of brass! (Unless your builder was trying to cut corners!) These are the plumbing and electrical brass PRP fittings. Joining the pipes, tubes and hoses are these metal fittings that strengthen these very important systems of our home, offices and factories.

But why is brass so popular? The reasons lie in the unique property of this alloy. There are many other metals, nonmetals and composites that are used in fittings. Other options are either more expensive or do not have the requisite qualities. Brass combines economy with the properties that a builder finds attractive.

The Brass in Your Home
You may even see some of the brass fixtures around the house, from faucets to pipe heads. But there are many smaller pieces like backflow preventers, valves, bibcocks, and pressure control tools that work behind the scenes.

Brass is also the preferred material when it comes to electrical or pneumatic fittings. From MCB switches, circuits and electric pump fittings. Then there are the pneumatic fittings — valves, adapters and elbows. In short, brass joins and runs all the hidden structures and flow of water, electricity and air in your home!

Why Brass? The benefits of brass PRP fittings are:

Brass is a resilient and long-lasting metal. It can survive for a long time without breaking, melting or getting deformed. It does not crack easily and will retain its shape for decades. The strength and toughness of brass sustains it under high pressure, temperature or electricity.

Sometimes the sum of all parts can be more beneficial than the components! In case of brass, it gives the alloy more malleability than either of its components – bronze or zinc. It has a low melting point  (900 to 940 °C). IN terms of functionality it means that brass can be easily beaten, mended and moulded more easily than other metals used to make fittings. It also makes the maintenance of brass parts easier, since replacements can be easily found or created.

Resistance to corrosion:
Brass has high resistant ace to corrosion. This is much higher than some other metal and plastic options. In fact, a variant known as DZR brass were conceived to withstand highly corrosive environment. This makes it excellent in soft water areas or places with high chlorine levels. It is also used for domestic boiler system.

The malleability of brass allows manufacturers to work a wide range in brass products. This is a highly malleable product that can be not only be manipulated into different shapes, but also different compositions. This means that manufacturers can design precise products to fit a function, design or structure.

Most competent brass PRP fitting manufacturers offer highly customised products. With the help of advanced software we can model parts to very precise specifications. This makes them ideal for a number of fittings, including pneumatic fittings that require tight sealing.

While brass is more expensive than materials like plastic or nylon, it is considerably cheaper than high performing material like carbon steel. It also allows for recycling. In fact, 90% of brass in use today is recycled product. This makes it a very economical material to work with. There are fewer scraps and most of it can be recycled or put to repetitive use.

Whatever your need, there is a good chance that you will find a brass fitting to fit your needs. You may need to customise the particulars, but the versatility of brass means that metal is available in almost all shapes and sizes. It also comes in a wide range of finishes. This makes it easier for brass parts which are displayed, such as faucets. Versatility also means that you can create a complete brass fitting system with the right accessories.

Compatibility with other components:
Brass is often combined with other components to enhance its capabilities and reduce its liabilities. Brass fittings are plated with nickel, chrome, etc. to increase its resistance to different elements or for aesthetic purposes.

Brass PRP fittings has many benefits that make it ideal for all the support systems in your house. From plumbing, electrical to pneumatic fittings – brass is the preferred metal for most domestic builders.

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