The Ultimate Guide to Pack for Hunting

Pack for Hunting

You like hunting. But do you know how to make a perfect hunting trip? What to take with you? There is a wide variety of backpacks on the market. From hunting classic cars to a pack of hunting boots from Lodenfilz to the powerful 120-liter trekking bags. Backpacks of this size are certainly somewhat oversized for our fields.

Usually, you need a backpack for the residence. With the 100-meter-stalking from the car to the high seat, it does not matter what a backpack you have, as long as it is quite silent and you can carry the gun over your shoulder. It does not matter if you have a long hitchhiking, spend a whole day in the bush and on the way back you have to transport some items. If it is still in mountainous terrain, you do not want to miss a proper backpack.

Make your first aid kit ready
I would like to give you some tips for packing for a day away from civilization. Before I think about how the weather could be, I’ll put a first-aid kit ready: patches, scissors, gauze, compresses, disinfectants, whistles and a dog-handkerchief. A good helper in the case of mini-pack size and weight, are tourniquets – a one-handed operation system for arm or leg. Furthermore, dry underwear, an emergency food and a bottle of water – that should be the basic stock. Everything else depends on the weather and terrain and can range from rain wear to a sack or a harness.


Pack properly
When packing, a simple rule applies: heavy load should be on the bottom of the backpack. I’m not a big fan of armoring on the backpack. This gets skewed, becomes uncomfortable, and this cannot be compensated by the best stretcher. In addition, the weapon here is usually strapped. If you want to quickly reach the weapon, you have to remove the rucksack and release the rifle – this takes time and is loud. I prefer systems where the weapon is transported in a compartment between the carrycot and backpack at the back. With a little practice, you can pull out the weapon without having to remove the rucksack, and our heaviest one-shot is where it belongs: close to the back.

Backpack support system
The support system has already been mentioned several times. Certainly, backpacks with a harness system are heavier than without – but they allow the backpack to be adjusted to the body and ensure a good fit. For this reason, it is sensible to accept a higher basic weight than for a few hours abrasive backpack.


The lap belt
Let’s return to the most important part of the backpack. No, it is not the strap. It is the lap belt. It absorbs a lot of weight and facilitates wearing immensely. When buying, make sure that the backpack is well “hip” and easy to close, open and adjust. Even if the straps and the chest strap can now be easily adjusted, almost nothing can go wrong.

The breakdown
The interior partition and from where the backpack can be loaded is a matter of taste. Personally, I prefer Front loader, so access from the front, because I get to everything quickly. The disadvantage is that more zippers are installed here, which can lead to the water tightness. Material and water tightness. The modern materials are almost all watertight or laminated and can be easily impregnated. If necessary, there are backpack covers. Problems are caused by zippers. They always make noise when opening. And they are usually the weakest.


The outer
Does a backpack really need to be silenced? Regarding the closures: yes. These should be large enough to be pressed with gloves and so can be opened and closed silently. The outer skin should be stable and not crackle like a plastic tarpaulin. Lashing straps, bags, and breakpoints, when not in use, should be so compressible that nothing can get caught in them. A breaking branch or a backward branch is loud and widely audible.

The first things you need a hunting backpack. You must make sure it can carry a long weapon and provide enough space for what is needed for a full-day hunting trip.

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