Top Ranked Mobile Phones Companies Worldwide in 2017

Top Ranked Mobile Phones Companies Worldwide in 2017

Let’s face it. We have been seeing mobile phones from the day we born. In fact, your relatives were notified about it by the phone, right?

Mobile CompaniesSo, the question is, what makes the mobile phone too useful for the current generation?

The answer is easy. It lets you message from one phone to another, and by doing so, you can let the other person know about anything.

It lets you call from one phone to another phone, and by doing so, you can directly chat with the person you, just like in person.

Anyways, if you are any mobile freak, this question might ever have ever been coming through your mind.

I.e. what is the top-ranked mobile phone companies world wide, right?

In case, you are looking to the answer to this question, this is the post you might consider to read thoroughly.

So, let’s dive in.


444+ mobile phones were sold by Samsung in 2013 with just a little market share of 24.6. Samsung has been quite old in the market, and the quality their phone provider to their users is unparalleled.


I am fairly certain if you have been in mobile devices world, even for a while, this company has been heard by you a lot of the times, right?

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If you want to purchase any kind of mobile phone, be it a simple mobile phone, an Android device, or even an iPhone, Samsung company is something you might consider.


Apple was founded by great Entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Ronald Wayne and rest of the team’s members. It was officially launched on 1976, and from the beginning, their firm goal was to provide their user with something awesome.Apple

When it comes to purchasing any mobile phone, not only Apple company comes in everyone’s mind quickly, but the fact is, they end up buying any of the mobile phones from Apple company as well.


Huawei is yet another massive company out there that is always captured the eyeballs of millions of peoples around the globe. Huawei has the really strong presence in the segments like Android, iPhone, Broadband networks, computers and so forth. Over 75,000 people are employed at Huawei, which is being contained almost by regular.


Huawei company is such a great company to explore when it comes to planning to purchase mobile devices like Android. Huawei company has millions of fans which is increasing as the passage of time. Until this day, they have shipped 104 million products, which is, again, increasing day by day.

Lenovo Motorola

In 2011, Motorola turned into a backup of Lenovo, when it procured the versatile division from Motorola Inc, making it one of the most grounded portable and Cell phone maker on the planet. With Lenovo as its parent organization, Motorola has a substantial monetary sponsorship, and a consequently gigantic measure of cash is placed in innovative work, and advancement is viewed as a USP for the brand.Lenovo Motorola

In 2015, Lenovo and Motorola totally combined its operations with each other and all in all centered around configuration, assembling of cell phones. In any case, with the consistent exchange of responsibility for organization starting with one organization then onto the next, there was a stage where there were huge cutbacks in the organization.

Wrap up!

So, did you like my this article about Top-ranked mobile phone companies worldwide? Do you have some other names in your mind as well?

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