Top 5 qualities of a perfect tour guide

Tour guide plays a main part of tour operating companies. Tour guide is a noble job. It gives a chance to a guy to introduce their culture to other. They are represented of their culture. Tour guide is plays a main part of tour operating companies. He may gives assistance in non paid services also. It will create a good faith among tourists. So few qualities should be very necessary which make them special or best tour guide. He should analyze the likes and dislikes of tourists to make them comfortable and happy.

Memory – A tourist guide need to retain a lot of words and facts when he is walking on the streets or exploring monuments. He should know all about the real history behind the historical events and monuments. He must know about the timings and proper rules and regulations while visiting to the place with the tourist. He must be clear in his mind how to behave with the tourists who are more sophisticated. Guide should interprets the real cultural and heritage to the tourist. He should have knowledge about local food and streets. For Example – If we hire Agra tour Guide to assist us during sight seen then he should remember the facts about Taj Mahal.


Communication – Being a guide is all about having best communication quality. No matter if you are a quite person. If you are communicating on daily basis, one in a great guide projecting his voice across a group, He should know how to communicate with kids, elder peoples and ladies. He should be generous and humble while communicating. He should show respect to the country and city of tourists and have to communicate with them in their native language. He should interpret wisely in between local peoples and the tourists. He should be friendly in nature. He should provide assistance and information for local transport systems.

Enthusiasm – Only one guy who play role of guide will play off energy in the group. Guide should be enthusiastic about the thing thrive talking about. He should have good sense of humor while communicating with tourists which won’t let them bore. They must enjoy the company of their guide which will place a good remark in the minds of tourists mainly on one day trip type of traveling.


Humor – Guide should be very calm and cheerful. Able to always add an extra layer of enjoy has his guest or group. A guide has to be a good entertainer to make the tour full of joy and happiness, which will make each and every moment memorable for tourists. Tourist guide should be entertaining and knowledgeable.

Punctuality – Punctuality is a very important quality as a genuine guide. It helps him to explore scenes of the city and the monuments which he can explain to his guest minds of. His punctuality and professionalism will make a good remark in front of tourists. Arriving at the right time and right locations will not make any confusion and bad experience in front of tourists. He should be well dressed and looks fresh like a beautifully served dish. It is the most important thing and companies recommend it on tour packages that your guide will reach to you on time to assist you during travel.

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