Healthy Tips for a Bouncy, Long and Thick Hair

Bouncy, Long and Thick Hair

It’s easy to get envious of women who have perfect hair. They look like they’ve just stepped out of a shampoo commercial or salon and have hair that’s long, thick, healthy, and perfectly styled. Yours can be this way as well, thanks to these tips from

Stop Dying Your Hair

It’s safe to say that almost every woman has dyed their hair at one point or another. Hair dye isn’t great for your hair, even if you follow the rules and stay within several shades of your natural color. (If you go to even more extremes, your hair is probably pretty damaged.) Hair dye removes the moisture from your hair, stripping away it’s natural protein. No shampoo, conditioner, or treatment can get that back. Avoiding hair color altogether is what’s best here. If you stop dying it, you’ll see a difference within weeks, and we don’t mean with your roots – your hair will begin to look healthier!

Use A Soft Brush And A Wide Tooth Comb

You should never brush your hair while it’s wet. This can cause split ends, broken strands, and other damage. Instead, comb out your wet locks with a wide tooth comb. It will get rid of tangles without hurting your hair. On top of this, when you brush your hair (after it dries, of course) use a soft-bristled brush. Look for one with natural bristles. It will distribute the oils in your hair from your scalp to your ends, adding in necessary moisture and protection.

Allow Your Hair to Air Dry

Depending on the length of your hair, air drying can take some time. Be prepared to have a wet (or at least damp) head of hair for several hours. While this takes some patience, it’s actually great for your hair, since it doesn’t stress your strands. Heat styling can become a bad habit, and while using a blow dryer or curling iron every once in a while is fine, if you use them every day, you will seriously damage your hair. Take care of your hair by using these heat tools sparingly and find a natural style that suits you.

Choose the Best Styling Products

Styling products, from leave in treatments to things like pomade, range greatly in price. While you’ll find plenty of damaging ingredients on the lists of both low and high-end products, you’ll also be able to locate some that can help your hair out. Look for products that contain natural ingredients and are free of things like alcohol, which can cause damage. Also, don’t overdo it with the styling products. More isn’t necessarily better.

Don’t Choose Severe Styles

According to the experts at, severe hairstyles like tight ponytails can damage your hair. You’ll find your hair falling out at the roots in those areas. You can avoid this by using ponytail holders and clips that won’t yank out or stress your hair. They’ll hold your hair in place, gently, not severely.

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