The Best Security You Can Ever Get – Smart Locks!

You’ve no doubt heard of smart home devices. These are designed to add an additional layer of security to your home. They allow you to activate lights, adjust the thermostat, and even check security camera footage from just about anywhere with a WiFi connection. There are also smart locks. These locks work in conjunction with your smart home devices to monitor the activity surrounding the doors of your house. Before you purchase a smart lock from Sarasota Locksmith, you first need to know some important facts about them.

What A Smart Lock Entails

A smart lock looks like a regular lock (for the most part) except that it comes with some additional features. These include voice commands, tamper alarms, and even a mobile app that allows you to track comings and goings all day long. It will note every time the door is opened. Most of these smart locks cost between $100 and $200, although some go for as much as $300. It all depends on which extra features you want yours to have. For example, a smart lock with an app that allows you to set permissions and other things will cost a bit more than the others.

Bluetooth Or WiFi Enabled

There are two main types of smart locks – those that work with Bluetooth and others that are WiFi enabled. The Bluetooth ones have a limited range. You’ll need to be less than 40 feet from the door in order for you to use the voice activation and other features. The WiFi ones allow for a longer range, as long as you have them set up on your home network. It all depends on how many features you’d like to access and where you want to be in order to use them.


This is a cool feature that some smart locks have. Let’s explain what voice activation is first. With voice activation, you just need to speak to the connected mobile app, and your door will unlock. Geofencing is a bit more sophisticated. You use the app to design a perimeter around your house. When you move inside of that perimeter, your door will unlock automatically, since the app allows the lock to sense where you’re located. (Obviously, you’ll need to have your phone’s GPS on for this to work.) The smart lock can even engage for you, locking the door when you move outside of that perimeter. You’ll never have to worry about locking your door again.


Before you install your new smart lock from Sarasota Locksmith, you’ll need to remove the old one completely. This includes the lock plate and other mechanisms. The smart lock comes with everything that you need to work. Some even have keypads and other devices that they work with. After the lock is installed on your door, it’s time to set it up to work with your smartphone and your other smart home devices. This is much less time consuming than it sounds.

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