Select Right Brass Cable Gland for Your Desired Project


Cable glands are the components designed by engineers to allow the cable to make entry to the electrical equipment that offer retention, sealing, earthing, bonding, insulation, grounding, strain relief or everything. Brass cable glands are the best type of cable glands that maintain overall integrity of enclosure into which you need to fit them. There are lots of cable glands for use. You need to select your desired cable glands while considering these following critical factors-

  • Cable types
  • Gland size
  • Entry type
  • Ingressprotection required
  • Material

There are three types of cables –

  1. Unarmored – Unarmored cable will require outer seal inside the gland. This will not only offer ingressprotection but also degree of retention.
  2. The gland will be needed to bring ingressprotection by offering the sealing properties to outer sheath and retention by clamping amour.
  3. Armored – Gland that needed mechanism of clamping to terminate the armored both electrically and mechanically.

Different types of cable glands available at the store / outlet –

  1. Brass indoor type gland

Brass indoor type gland is handy in use and you can use this component with various types of cable whether plastic, rubberized, metal or any other. You need dry environment inside for application of brass indoor type gland. This cable gland is ideal for use with all type of SWA cables, rubber or plastic sheathed cable.

  1. Brass outdoor type cable gland

Brass outdoor type cable gland comes in stunning supreme quality material for indoor and outdoor application. You can use it with various types of sheathed and unsheathed cables. Brass outdoor and indoor glands are used with single wire armored. These glands ensure mechanical strength and earth continuity. For extra ingress protection, you can use PVC shroud design as well.

  1. Brass straitening unarmored cable gland

These cable glands are available in nickel or natural brass finish. These cable glands are used with distinct unarmored or rubber sheathed cables. Brass straitening unarmored cable glands are ideal for all kinds of unarmored cables, rubber, or plastic sheathed cables.

  1. Brass weather proof gland

The brass weather proof glands are specially crafted with single armored several types of swa cables regardless of rubber sheathed or plastic sheathed. These components are known for their continuous and flawless performance once they are fixed to the desired wires and wire components.

So, all these considerations and features should be kept in mind of every buyer while shopping the brass cable glands. Any mistake can give you worse results and this is why you must select right cable gland for your desired project.

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