The Secret of Residential Window Cleaning Revealed

Window Cleaning

Want to achieve pristine sparkling windows in your home in Essendon? How often do you clean your windows? With regular dusting and wiping, you need professional assistance to get the perfect results. With experts at service, you will have spotless, long-lasting glass windows with shine staying longer than expected. Do you still want to know the secret of self-cleaning home windows? That’s a great effort from you as a homeowner. We have some amazing tips to share on how to clean your windows to get the perfect shine.

Essential tools required to clean residential windows

Residential window cleaning in Essendon requires tools such as:


You do not need an extra-large bucket as the professional cleaners but a normal size bucket that can hold a mop and squeegee.

A Squeegee

It is the most essential tool for washing windows, especially the glass surfaces. Buy a good quality squeegee.

A Mop

Have a high quality mop for cleaning the windows so you can use it multiple times. When the sleeves get dirty, wash it in a washing machine.

A Sea Sponge

 Sea sponge helps wiping water from frames and sills. You can also use it to wash the areas not made of glass (around the windows) such as, dirty frames.


This goes without saying. You need a cleaning agent to wash the windows and there are different chemical and natural solutions you can use. Vinegar and warm water is amongst the most popular natural window cleaning solutions.

The right technique of Window Cleaning

  1. Fill the bucket

Fill the half bucket with water. Use cold water instead of warm water as hot water may dry out the glasses fast. Add a little detergent to the bucket of water. Again, do not add in excess,. You may end up drying out the windows too quick.

  1. Use your wet mop

Rub the mop wet with detergent solution onto the window glass, until you are sure the sticky grim and stubborn marks are gone. If some marks don’t go with continuous rubbing, use steel wool or fine bronze, a squint of elbow grease and lots of soapy water on the surface.

  1. Time for the squeegee

Yu must know the right way of holding a squeegee before you start cleaning the window using the tool. Place you thumb in the mid of the top and side of its handle. Now set it at an angle of 45 degrees to the glass, applying optimum pressure on the window pane while you clean it.

  1. Wipe the water off

Clean the excess water on the window edges using the squeegee. Any leftover watermarks in the centre can be wiped off using a micro-fiber cloth.

  1. Clean the sills, frames and tracks

You wipe the frames, tracks and sills clean, use a clean towel or a sea sponge. This way you can prevent any drips and runs on the glass surface from the top sill.

  1. Clean the screens

Screen cleaning is an easy task as compared to the more crucial, window cleaning. Firstly remove the screens prior to window cleaning and use the wet and soapy t-bar to rub the screen completely, from top to bottom as well as the sides.   

Doesn’t the sound easy and simple? However, it is a challenging task indeed. If you think this is not your cup of tea, call in for experts from Window to Wall Cleaning and Property Maintenance for professional window cleaning.

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