The ABCs of Residual Current Device (RCD)

The ABCs of Residual Current Device

What is an RCD?

RCD or Residual Current Device is also called as Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers (ELCBs). These are safety switches that monitor the current flow in from the main switchboard to different lies in your house or workplace. If any kind of electrical issue like fatal electrocution is sensed by the device, it trips down automatically, turning the power off to reduce hazards.

RCDs are no less than a life-saving device however they do not wipe out the chances of electric shock completely. It should be tested by experts in Melbourne and Tasmania to ensure proper working as per the safety standards.

What is a portable RCD?

Portable RCDs are in form of large power boards having an internal RCD which trips in situations of excessive current flow or leakage of the circuit in use. Portable RCD systems should be used while using a connected tool or device internally or externally. These are upgraded units that trip just in 30 milliseconds, saving you from an electric shock.

Like normal RCD units, portable RCDs id also recommended for testing and tagging in Melbourne CBD at regular intervals to maintain proper working condition.

What is the need of installing an RCD in the workplace?

RCDs or ELCBs are usually termed as safety switches. These devices are fitted to the main switchboard or distribution board. You can also use it as a portable unit if the situation demands. Its feature of monitoring the current flow through the circuit minimises the chances of electrical hazards as it trips if any such issue is detected.

   installing an RCD

Various industrial and commercial buildings do not use RCDS to secure protection from a fatal electrocution or electric shock. Being a responsible employer, you should be concerned about the safety of your co-workers and employees. Not just your employees, you might also damage your electrical appliance connected to the faulty circuit. A severe electric shock could be caused due to your little negligence. So, better call a licensed and professional electrician to install RCD units in your workplace as per the safety standards.

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What is RCD testing?

Here comes the most important thing to take care of when you have RCDS installed at your workplace. Getting a residual current device installed in the place is not just enough; you need to take care of its proper working as well. For this, call a specialist electrician for RCD testing in Tasmania.

RCD testing

RCD testing is a method of tripping the device safely to check if it would function in time in situations of an electrical hazard. This process is also recognised as safety switch testing. You should hire a trained and experienced electrician to test proper working of your safety switch. The specialist will push the test button on the device to check if the unit trips on time. The faster the RCD trips, the slower is the shock experienced by an individual.

Remember, you need to maintain regular testing of the device to ensure total safety of your employees. There are various residential buildings which also have RCDS installed for safety of the occupants.

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