How Regular Routine For Abdomen Workout Keep You Fit

I do not want to fool you: the abs are not a muscle that is not easy to define. As more and more pedagogy is done about it, it is not strange that you sound that to get defined abdominal muscles, it is not training is the only factor that we must manage. To do this, before going full with this routine for the abdomen, I will explain to you the most important aspects to control.

What are the keys to getting a strong and worked abdomen?

In this sense, it is possible to emphasize two distinct points: the first one, the functionality. And the other, esthetic. Of course you can seek to improve both, which is usually what most people are looking for. But, I will focus primarily on the characteristics of an abdomen routine for someone who only seeks to improve functional performance.

Important things to keep in mind about an abdominal routine that seeks functionality

Luckily, in this sense, we will not need to control the diet. The abdomen, like another type of muscle in our body, responds to the progressive overload of weights (understood as volume and / or intensity). That is to say, for example, performing an abdominal routine based on isometric plates that increase weight-bearing, farmer’s walks, and some similar exercises, we will note how little by little, our strength in the abdominal core increase significantly.

I will not put more emphasis on this type of training because it is the least demanded by the home exercise audience. However, the routine for today’s abdomen, contemplates in its programming the functional improvement as well. So do not worry about it.

Important aspects to keep in mind about an abdominal routine that seeks aesthetic results

The thing, it gets quite complicated in this sense. It is no longer the training the variable to control mainly (which in the previous case is not the same, since diet and rest also influence). In this sense, diet is almost more important than training. And is that, if we do not carry a food oriented to this goal, we will hardly succeed.

In order to mark the muscles of the abdomen, first we must have them worked, and secondly, eliminate the fat that surrounds them. If genetics and / or training, and we have strengthened, it is time to pay more attention to food.

It is essential, let us bear in mind, that the abdomen is a deposit of body fat. And, since we do not take care of eradicating the store of adipose tissue that is stored there, we are not going to get anything. Even people with a relatively low body weight may need to focus on following a stricter diet if they are looking to define the abs.

And, what are the main keys to define the abdomen? I will explain, in a summarized way, some of them. However, they are very simplified, and they are not the only ones:

  • Trim the number of maintenance calories. That is to say, to follow a hypocaloric diet
  • Increase cardio, whether or not fasting. In this article, I talked more in depth about different protocols that can serve to burn fat (a necessary point to define the abdomen)
  • Increase the number of proteins in relative terms with regard to hydrates or fats.

Routine for abdomen

Taking into account these important aspects, I will now enter with the routine for the abdomen that I give you today. The structure of the workout is different from the different belly workouts I’ve tried in the past.

The intensity of this abdominal training program is quite high, designed to burn calories at the same time that we muscled the belly. As I indicated at the beginning, it is not a question of just training, but of eliminating body fat. Hence, the importance of this routine for the abdomen when it allows us to burn fat.

The training style is peculiar. We will not follow a classic exercise scheme that divides by series and rest time. Another advantage of this routine for the abdomen is that it can be done in a short time. That is, in a matter of minutes we will have finished our belly muscle, and lose weight.

But, do not think its sewing and singing. It is much more complicated than we can expect. The idea is that the body receives the necessary stimulus in a short time, for which the degree of sacrifice will be greater than normal. I want to warn you, in case someone is not willing to give 100% when it comes to achieving their goals.

Latest aspects to qualify about this routine for the abdomen

Several issues to qualify. The first one is that you will have seen that this routine is not only composed of exercises that serve to work the belly. The second of them, is that there are series and repetitions and there is no rest! In effect, the system of work is as follows:

First, we will begin to perform the first 20 series of mountain climbers

Instead of doing the second, as soon as we are ready, we will get to do the 20 squats

Follow the vertical scissors, burpees and jumping jacks.

Without delay, we will restart the second round. In this second round, we will follow the same protocol we discussed earlier

We will try to record the time invested, and try to improve it in the following sessions

This routine can be done 2-3 times per week. Should be doing it as long as 5 weeks in a row.

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