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LED grow lights indoor

One of the most important sources of lighting in indoor plantation is LED Grow Lights. Now it has gained popularity among people who love to do indoor gardening. In this world, everything has some disadvantages even if they are helping in other ways. The LED grow light bulbs also have some disadvantages.

It helps plant in the photosynthesis process by providing them perfect light condition. It also produces low heat level which is not harmful for the plants. Although these lights have gained more popularity, these lights have some disadvantages. One should consider these before buying the LED Grow light bulbs.


Some disadvantages of LED Grow lights that can affect your plants
Even though it is popular for its durability and productivity, to buy the best led grow lights you have to pay more. If you have a quite big garden space inside your house, then be ready to spend more to install LED grow lights. On the other side, in extreme temperatures, these LED lights can deteriorate. These lights mainly produce blue light. Blue light has a longer wavelength. In case of plants, blue light increases the photosynthesis process.

In case of humans, this blue light can affect the human eye as it appears much stronger and brighter than other colors. Gradually, this light can blind a human. It is also known as blue light hazard. Earlier scientists also proved that in the long run, this blue light can harm and damage human eyes. Normally, human eyes respond efficiently towards blue light but these LED lights can cause coronal complication in some cases.


As it responds fast in blue color, the eye becomes fatigued very first. In the long run, this effect can lead to severe head ache or can cause complete eye loss. Blue light that comes for LED grow lights can affect sleeping pattern of humans which you can as a sleeping disorder. The reason behind this is that the human body reacts immediately when the eyes see blue light. If the grow light is used too often at night then it can create this type of problem.

UV and infrared lights that are produced from LED lights also affect the human body. Normally you can’t see UV rays coming from LED grow lights. It can affect your eyes as well as your skin later which can cause skin cancer. So these lights should be used under a protective environment.


Always understand what is best for you, choose the right LED Grow lights
LED grow light may have some harmful disadvantages but if you buy the best LED grow lights then you can avoid such serious problems in future. Not all LED Grow Lights are harmful. There are many good LED lights. They are designed in such a way that they will not harm the humans as well as plants.

Just remember to check the LED grow lights review before selecting. To know more about LED lights, you can read led grow light buying guide. Always use these lights under a protective environment to stay safe.


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