Most Expensive Jewelry in The World

Most Expensive Jewelry

The most expensive jewel in the world is a pink diamond ring purchased by the famous British jeweller Laurence Graff. From rings to tiaras – people all over the world do not spare their money in order to get the pieces of jewellery they want. Most of the jewels that you well read about below are sold at auctions organized by the most famous auction houses, and have a really impressive history and famous owners.

A Pink Diamond – 46,2 million dollars
A pink diamond with rounded ends, which weight is 24,78 carats and is places on a platinum ring is the most expensive jewel in the world. The famous London jeweller Laurence Graff became an owner of the jewel on November the 10th, 2010 in Geneva. He bought the jewel from the auction house Sotheby’s, and then renamed it to The Graff Pink. The last time this diamond was offered for sale was 60 years ago, when it was bought by the American jeweller Harry Winston, who is also the founder of the jewellery company that carries his name. The pink diamond is the most expensive jewel sold at an auction for all times.

An old pillow-shaped diamond – 24,3 million dollars
This diamond has a sparkling and saturated blue-grey colour and weights 35,56 carats. Laurence Graff bought the jewel in London in 2008. The origin of the diamond is Indian Golconda Kingdom, and there are some rumours that the Spanish King Philip IV purchased the jewellery and included it in his daughter’s Margarita Teresa dowry in 1664.

A ring with a rectangular pink diamond – 23,2 million dollars
The ring has a rectangular pink diamond that weights 14,23 carats, which makes it a really rare piece of jewellery for a gem of that colour. The jewel was purchased by an anonymous bidder on November the 29th, 2010 in Hong Kong.

A ring with a triangular blue and white diamond – 15,7 million dollars
The ring is composed by a triangular blue diamond with a weight of 10,95 carats and a triangular white diamond with a weight of 9,87 carats that dates from 1972. The ring was bought by a Asian bidder in New York in May the 19th, 2010.

An onyx and diamond bracelet in the shape of a panther – 12,4 million dollars
The bracelet was owned by Wallis Simpson, whose love affair with King Edward VIII led to his abdication in 1936. The bracelet was created by the jewellers of Cartier and is made especially for the wrist of the royal favorite. There is a rumour that the jewel was purchased by Madonna on November the 30th, 2010.

An emerald and diamond tiara – 12,3 million dollars
This emerald and diamond tiara was created by an order from the German prince Guido Henckel don Donnersmarck for this second wife Katharina and is also believed to have belonged to Empress Eugenia. The jewel consists of 11 polished pear-shaped emeralds with total weight of 500 carats and was bought by an anonymous shareholder in Geneva on May the 17th, 2011.

A heart-shaped diamond – 11 million dollars
This diamond weights 56,15 carats and is mined in “Cullinan” mines in Pretoria – the place, where in 1905 was found “Cullinan”, which is the largest and the most famous diamond in the world. The heart-shaped diamond was a part of a special collection, which has been provided for sale at Christie’s. It is named “Love at first sight” and was presented to the audience at St Valentine’s Day.

A pink diamond ring – 11,8 million dollars
This is a ring that has a sparkling pink diamond that weights 5 carats. There are also a couple more diamonds that were produced by the famous Graff jewellery company. The rare pink diamond was mined in South Africa. The jewel was sold on December the 1st, 2009 in Hong Kong.

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