Major improvements LG has done for its upcoming G7

LG G7 Smartphone

The camera of LG G6 is significantly changed in comparison with LG G5 camera interface – both visually and in its logic with manual adjustment mode, it has become much more informative and easy to drive, there was a manual video recording mode and adapted to Instagram shooting mode in square format – there on the spot convenient to make collages, such as (but generally much more comfortable shooting in normal conditions and then all stick together in any of the hundreds of applications designed for this purpose). As for the special shooting modes, a strange mode “picture in picture” is preserved, but the ability to simultaneously shoot by three cameras to obtain an atmospheric collage disappeared. There are the HDR, panorama, lots of color filters. It is highly expected that the upcoming hero LG G7 will provide us innumerable exciting camera features – high-detailing even in night mode, ultra vivid colors. According to the rumors, G7 will come out in the market with a 12Mp front camera and 22MP Dual lens primary camera with 4K resolution. The new unique design of LG having a bendable display is enough to attract the customers, even other features like its dynamic processor and battery capacity are far better than its predecessors.

LG G7 Smartphone
Concept design for LG G7

LG is now has a good chance to outdo its neighbors like Samsung by releasing its next flagship G7 with its outstanding qualities. With the last flagships of LG, LG G5, and LG G6, the company did not receive any major success. In LG G6, The picture is very juicy and sharp, but sometimes too sharp, up to small artifacts. Dynamic range is mediocre – all the same because of the use of two modules had to sacrifice the physical size of the matrix. There – 1 / 3.06 ”, while the competitors in one module – 1 / 2.4-1 / 2.6 ”, while Huawei both cameras just work on the dynamic range. But on a color rendition and white balance no complaints.

As for the shooting in the dark with G6, then our sample showed very unstable results, sometimes giving an abnormal amount of noise, and sometimes – quite decent, smooth picture. I associate it with firmware features. Whatever it was, to count on an impressive level of LG G6, camera operation is not necessary for the dark. Hope, we won’t face these kinds of flaws in upcoming beast LG G7.

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The G6 camera is able to shoot 4K video at 30 frames per second with an aspect ratio of 16: 9 and with “native” to themselves ratio 18: 9 (2: 1) smart phone is able to work only with the video format 2160 × 1080. Even the front camera in G6 is mediocre – 5 megapixel, fixed focus. You can switch between viewing angles as you would with the rear camera, but this is an illusion, a simple software cropping images. The default is Wide (viewing angle – 100 degrees), it is better and shoots. Nowadays many exciting and interesting news about LG G7 is spreading all around that LG has been improved many of the features for its next flagship, G7, and has prepared enough to compete with its rivals with its amazing qualities. Keeping in view the great efforts and achievements of LG this year, we can say that LG G7 will be counted in the list of top range phones in 2018.

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