Living Room Redecorate & Designing Ideas


If your’e scratching your head about the best way to redecorate your living room, think of the stuff your already have or things you can acquire easily without spending a bomb. We are lucky to be living in India because Indian culture boasts some of the most inspiring decor options around. Use some of these ideas for your next budget-friendly living room redesign project.

Raid your Attic or Basement Storage

Your family may have some old tapestries, carpets or rugs that are no longer in use. Pull out these heritage items stored for years on end and hang them on the wall. Their colors and patterns will make any neutral-color room a dynamic sight. Just look at this ordinary room. Picture the tapestry on a huge living room wall and add even more throughout the space. They hang beautifully in living rooms with tall ceilings, such as vaulted designs.

Find those Handcrafted Furniture Accents for Cheap

Buying high quality new furniture can greet you with a huge furniture bill. Never fear, however, because you can simulate expensive handcrafted furniture with smart used sales. Visit your local carpenter and tell them what you want show some pictures if it helps. You can also scout buying and selling sites like Olx and Quikr for excellent pre-used furniture. There is bound to be the perfect chair or coffee table just waiting for your living room. Even weathered wood can be sanded, polished and reupholstered to look like brand new.


Paint your Own Murals

You certainly don’t have to paint a wall as ornately as this decorator decided to do, but you can try your artistic hand with some wispy stencil designs. Try adding a few tree branches and leaves to an otherwise lackluster wall. Even spread the branches above a hung tapestry to bring the entire wall into artistic play for visitors. Painting has always been an affordable way to spruce up any living room. The stencils bring an organic feel to the space when you stick to natural elements, such as leaves and flowers.

Keep Layering the Room

Layering can add a level of warmth and comfort to a sterile living space. Don’t be afraid to add many rug layers to the floor, allowing them to overlap across the room. You’ll notice the immediate cushy feeling under your feet while enjoying the patterns becoming one entity on the floor. Try the same idea with textiles covering a side or coffee table. Pillows and throws are also layering materials perfect for any kind of room.

Add Candles with Ornate Holders

Candles are incredibly inexpensive, but their holders are often not. Try looking for cheap deals online for these fixtures. We particularly love the stuff on Chumbak, India Circus and Fab Furnish. You want intricate designs across the holders instead of a smooth appearance. The smooth candles provide the contrast with the complex holder below, lending an edgy touch to the room. This decorator has the candles above the fireplace, but you can make them center stage on the table if you please.


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