How To Install Laminate Timber Flooring?

Laminate Timber Flooring

People want to laminate timber flooring as soon as possible as it goes a long way in protecting the wood from moisture and humidity of varying degrees. Instead of buying a new material for the surface, you should make sure to laminate the same to get the desired results.

If you plan to refurnish your floor then you can also choose the laminated timber flooring because this flooring is durable, decorative and you can easily maintain the floor with some regular maintenance norms. Apart from that, you do not need to cover the laminated timber floor with any carpet because the texture of these flooring can easily decorate your overall surface in some unique manner.

5 ways to install the laminated timber flooring in your home and commercial premises:

The process would go a long way in extending the life of the flooring by many notches. If you have purchase the require product, adhere to the following steps according to the requirements and specifications in an easy and hassle free manner.

#1. Remove the Carpet:
First and foremost step is to remove the carpet that is spread out on the room floors. A sharp utility knife is an important tool that slices through the carpet across the door way. Perimeter track strips are available to the users to perform the task with accuracy and a very high degree of precision. Pull the carpet slowly right up to the wall so that it can be removed quickly.


#2. Eliminate the tack strips:
In order to eliminate the tack strips, one should use small pry bar and hammer. It is an important step to eliminate the padding however it can also leave some substrate into the mix. One can use the putty to remove the additional material. In this case, installers can prepare the mixture and apply the adhesive for installing the laminated timber flooring. You can hire some reputed timber flooring company to install the same with utmost perfection. The most vital step is the removal of the base board. You should completely eliminate the framework from the ground up. In order to complete the task, one may have to pull out the caulk joint from the wall. It helps to prevent the damages to the wall papers and also assists in efficient installation of the laminated flooring.

#3. Leveling and cleaning:
The next step is to perform leveling and cleaning of the floor. Make sure that the subfloor is leveled for the placement of the Lamination. You can clean the room and ensure that it is not studded with nails. Some loose objects are left on the floor and may hurt the children as well as the pets. You should clean the surface after installation and please talk to the installer in this matter.


#4. Analyze the levelness in detail:
Users have to check the 6 inch level for the variations in the sub floor. You might have to contact the manufacturer in order to check the maximum difference limit. It is bound to go a long way in delivering sterling results to the users.

#5. Acclimatize the flooring:
You can place the timber slab right inside the room for acclimatization. The time frame for the whole process should not extend from 2 to 4 days. While selecting the laminate timber flooring, it should be checked not only thickness but also warranty and reliability.


Determining the complete lay out is the best proposition for the users. You should evaluate the width of the room and measure the finished face in one plank. If you divide the width of the room with plank width, it can provide number of rows and also the cut width in great detail.

In case you are installing the new base boards, make sure to use novel studs as they are not prone to wear and tear.

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