Implementations of Glass in Contemporary Home Interiors

Glass in Contemporary Home Interiors

Modern home interiors have evolved greatly with creativity and innovation in the interior designing industry. The goal in the contemporary interior designing ways is to not only make the designing beautiful and attractive but also have it functional and practical at the same time.

Interior designers have altered their ways of designing interiors in a way that they incorporate design elements and objects that perform their expected functions and look great while doing so as well. Glass has served interior designing longer than most other materials and will probably continue to do so for a very long to come as well because of the outstanding added benefits of it.

Glass is available in clear as well as many other finishes including the frosty, tinted, rain glass and many others. This variety in the material allows for design customization of the highest quality when implementing glass in your interior settings. Most of the glass implementations are also employed to serve the purpose they are required to fulfill and if you are looking for some modern and practical implementations of glass in contemporary home interiors, here are a few tips that have a lot of potential:

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1: Bathroom Glass Shower Doors and Enclosures
Modern people rate bathrooms very high when it comes to designing them and how they look. The liberty custom bathrooms provide in terms of all the different surfaces and design themes that can be implemented in them is very practical. Shower enclosures are the modern way of both decorating the shower spaces and also keeping them separate from the rest of the bathrooms efficiently.

If you want a private shower enclosure, you can choose the any from rain glass, freckled glass, frosty opaque glass or even the tinted glass options or if privacy is not required, choose the all clear glass for an immersive experience without hiding any of the beautiful tiles or faucets designs that you may have implemented in your bathroom.

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2: Living Room Main Wall Focal Point
Living rooms are some of the most used rooms in any modern house. Everyone in the house uses the living room for most of their activities and it is only fair to make it look attractive as much as it deserves. A great way of achieving that is to create an elegant focal point for them that will get most of the attention by everyone entering them at any point of the day. Making your living room focal point with glass is a very practical implementation and will look much elegant at the same time as well.

All you need is a wall suitable sized sheet of clear or opaque glass (depending on your choice) and you can have it in the embossed design finish as well.

Attach that sheet at its four edges on the main wall in the living room and if you have chosen an opaque glass type, put a low lit light bulb in your preferred color at its back and in the case of a clear glass type, attach a pipe led around its edges to make the setting much more attractive and unique.

This design implementation will also provide adequate light for the living room when all other lights are turned off and will keep you or any other people in the house from tripping over. When looking for modern and practical implementations of glass in contemporary home interiors, this idea has the ability to look futuristic and bring its own unique functionality as well.

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3: Kitchen Glass Tabletops and Backdrops
Glass usage in modern kitchens is very much a reality in the modern day. Kitchen table and counter tops get much stained and look dirty when left on their own regardless of how much care you take or as much cleaning you do on them as possible. Choosing the best materials tends to slow the staining process down but fails to stop it completely. A very good solution for this problem is to use glass sheets for the table and counter tops wherever you will be handling food to keep them hygienic and cleanest looking.

Kitchen backdrops for the walls gets treated the same way. The oil and grease from all the cooking done in the kitchens tends to stick to the walls. You can also apply glass sheets on the walls near stoves or ovens to stop that from happening. The glass on the walls or counter tops will also bring that elegant shiny finish to them at the same time as well.

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4: Kid’s Rooms and Other Multipurpose Glass Boards
Glass boards are very practical and can be used for many different purposes at different places in a modern house. Kid’s rooms can benefit from them greatly as they will provide the kids with much more fun activities and will make them spend much more time in their rooms. Parents can engage their children in drawing lessons or fancy coloring sessions when efficient glass boards have been installed in their rooms.

Other than kid’s rooms, these glass material writing boards have many other uses around the house as well. You can have one installed in the kitchen to sort all your kitchen lists out and even write your important recipes on them when required as well. A glass writing board in the living room can organize daily tasks as well.

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5: Glass Walls for the Garden Facing Living Room
Laminated tempered glass is processed and manufactured in a way that it gets much stronger than any other form of glass and even stronger than other materials like woods and thin metals as well. These thick glass sheets can be installed as a full wall for the living rooms that face the garden to provide a natural landscape for people in the living rooms to look at. Make sure to install a functional door at any location on the wall you prefer to make entering the back garden easy.

This beautiful implementation will also bring the added functionality and practicality of providing adequate daylight for the living rooms during the day times and will take much of the living room energy bills off as well. The elegant finish of glass and the natural view of outside combined with minimization of energy bills work as one of better modern and practical implementations of glass in contemporary home interiors.

Glass shower doors and enclosures are easily available from quality glass retailers like Fab Glass and Mirrors. They have an extensive range of glass enclosures that come in many different finishes as well.

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