How To Use Your Van to its Full Capacity?


So as we all know times are hard, the cost of living has risen and wages have remained the same, companies are going into liquidation, people are losing their jobs, everyone’s in need of an extra source of income.

A person with a van or even a large car, can be more useful than you think, below are just a few examples of what you can do with your large vehicle.

#1. Become a Courier
There are a vast number of companies that operate within the boroughs of London, or if you have even more time on your hands, some that operate throughout the country; all of which can be found on the internet.

The hours vary from company to company, with some operating in the morning to the afternoon and others being more of a night shift, so have a good look around and pick the one that suits your circumstances.

So you have done all that, and still can’t find one that suits you, what now?
Well there is always the option of starting your own company, which is not as daunting as it may initially sound. Start locally, advertising to your community, particularly the business’ that send out or receive goods on a daily basis. Remember this is a recession and companies are looking to cut down on their outgoing costs, so price your services wisely.

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#2. Removal Man
Back when I was a van driver this was an option I would often make use of in order to bring in a little extra money. This again requires some advertising if you want to do it properly, but also never under-estimate ‘word of mouth’. We all have friends and family, who have friends and family, and more often than not someone within this extended network of ours, knows someone who is moving home; and one of the first things needed when moving- ‘a man with a van’. So start by letting your friends know (social media can really help you with this) that you are available to do house removals and get them to spread the word.

I would definitely recommend enlisting the help of someone for the heavy lifting; family members seeking pocket money is usually a best bet. Be flexible with pricing but have a base minimum in your head of what you are willing to accept; be sure to take in to account the amount of time it takes you, petrol, any wages you may have to pay out, and other cost factors.

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This can be easily fitted in around your schedule and a great way to earn a little extra cash in hand. I found the majority of people moved on a weekend, so this never interfered with my day job. A good reputation is important, so the big tip here is be sure to protect the things you are moving, and pack your van well.

Therefore,we have looked at courier work and removals;let us combine the two;

#3. Furniture Shops
Another one that I have tried myself, the smaller furniture shops are always on the lookout and often outsource home deliveries of their goods. I found this to be a great earner and another job I could do on a weekend.

Again, enlisting the help of a student or family member helped with the heavy lifting and maneuvering and if you find yourself free from time to time during the week, there is no limit to the number of shops you could deliver for.

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