How to Select the Best Custom Rooflights Supplier

How to Select the Best Custom Rooflights Supplier2

Gone are the days, when you need to bang your head for searching Rooflight suppliers. Now, there are so many choices available in the rooflight market, but finding the best out restis as difficult as separating the wheat from the chaff. All the supplierspromisealmost the same services, which further ads to the dilemma. So, how to select the best custom rooflights supplier? If you want to make a wise decision, look no further than our how-to tutorial.

Here, we’ll provide you with the key questions you should ask your rooflight supplier. Let’s have a look:

Tips to Select the Best Custom Rooflights Supplier

1. Do you design and manufacture your own products?

All good suppliers will design and manufacture their own products and ideally be experts in their field. So, search for companies with in-house design experience and UK manufacturing facilities that will let you view their products as well as their manufacturing processes before you place an order.

2. Can you provide evidence of any performance claims?

A good custom rooflights manufacturer in Ramford and UK will make claims about performance – this is to be expected as genuine improved performance is a key selling point for rooflights. Nevertheless, you should always make sure if a supplier can provide particular calculations for the product you’re looking for. The more specific information a supplier can provide, the more you can rest assured that it will be the best custom rooflights supplier for you. It’s also worth checking whether or not your company provides you a quality guarantee and warranty for products.

3. What is the U-value of your rooflight?

This can be a complicated subject to understand for beginners. The best rooflight suppliers will be experienced at dealing with U-values as well as be able to perform in-house thermal modeling to find out thermal performance for any design specification. You should check that the supplier is offering you a U-value for the whole roof instead of just the glass. This is an important requirement of Building Regulations and not doing so means the supplier could be giving you a fake perception of their product performance.

4. What loadings can the glass safely withstand?

This will entirely rely on what purpose the rooflight is designed to be used for. Loadings for a rooflight installed on a pitched roof with no access will be different to a unit installed on a terrace. So, it’s extremely important your supplier fully understand the difference and be able to provide details of how much force the glass can handle. UK guidelines lately require walk on specification glass to measure at 2.0kN/m2 uniform distributed load (UDL) and 1.5kN concentrated load.

5. Are you Kitemarked?

The Kitemark is most commonly used to identify products where safety is paramount. All UK-based best custom rooflights manufacturers are Kitemarked. The supplier you select should surpass the BSI’s Kitemark standards, setting a new benchmark for rooflights for weather tightness, air permeability, and extreme wind loading.

So, these were the questions you should ask your custom rooflights supplier. Place your order only when you get the satisfactory answers from the supplier.

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