Key Considerations For Redesigning your Application

Application redesigning

We all are surrounded by applications and optimize them to perform many tasks like playing games, connecting with friends, ordering stuff online, reading the newspaper or many more. App development is a new business trend for IT companies and they are taking it too seriously to explore its inside fields – app maintenance, prototyping of apps, application redesigning etc. Application redesigning is most commonly talked among all of us.

There may be lots of reason to redesign your app, for example, you want to follow the latest trend in app design, functionality, performance or making a new comeback with the latest version. One can also redesign the app to attract users and retain them. May be the users are not interested in your current app but may get engaged with an updated and revised version.

You cannot misunderstand this concept with a few changes applied directly in the app store or updating an app. It is completely different from these two. Moreover, if you do so, you would lose all your certificates, analytic data and users.

In this post, we will discuss key considerations for re-designing an application. Hope this post will cover all your doubts.

Define your purpose
Application purpose

It is a big task itself to redesign an app. There may be the chances you would face the lack of users than its previous design. You must have solid reasons to go for it and be clear about it. Define your goals on paper and keep the track of every task that you have to do in the process. You have to consider UI and UX both to proceed. For redesigning, you need to have some data to refer to and you can find flaws and eliminate them to improve your app. Take time to analyze your target audience and their needs.

Work on delivering a better quality this time with improved features, functionality, look and experience. The app must be the package to beat other apps of similar category and win the heart of users.

Look at the reviews
App reviews

Reviews are the qualitative data and the life-giver for the success of a redesigning of the app. Read the reviews and figure out which issue is the most talked about. Find the perfect solution to the addressed issue by collecting data and studying latest trends.

See the questions asked by users like if they are asking how to update the app or how to find a particular section in the app? This time you should provide them with a brief guide of frequently asked questions to solve common issues by clear answers. If you are dealing with an app development company, you can discuss it with the team to get insights on various ideas. In this way, you will be more aligned with goals and get complete exposure to the solution to implement in redesigning the app.

Execute Final changes
Do not stay in your comfort zone. Challenge yourself for the betterment of your business and users. Experiment with layouts, user-interface and use better colors to attract audience directly by the look. Remember, the look is the prime door to snatch users, but the functioning of an app is its main area which can hold users for a long time. As per the study, 68% of total apps are abandoned daily by users because of poor functionality. Make all the necessary changes and execute it.

Mobile app testing

Once you have executed the final changes and done with all steps, the next significant thing is to be assured of the app functionality by testing it. Let some outsiders (not of your team) get the app and use it to analyze its quality. Get feedbacks and work on it before publishing it to the app store. Do not feel less by getting comments, it is a part of the strategy. Use your strength to put ideas and make your app superb.

Now coming to the ways, there are two ways of redesigning your app-

1. The offline way
You can redesign the copy of your app. Just copy the current app and save it on the dashboard by the different name. This app is the one you will work on to make it live. Make a clear document of redesigning steps, design it and watch the changes in app previewer. You can try this many times before going to make a live app.

2. The live way
You could redesign your live app if you don’t want to update your app and have enough time to enhance the quality of an app. Initiate the process by making a copy of the live app. now you do not have any back up and you have to restore everything if any failure happens. So make a rich document to jot down all the pattern of settings of the app.

If you want to show 2-3 samples of designs to clients, you still have an option to show it from the copy of it. It will add some extra work if the client chooses one of those designs. During the designing process, you cannot update the app, this is painful.

Let’s wrap up
App redesigning is the necessary step to stay high in the business competition. Many app development companies are handling the redesigning process with the help of their expert developers. Some business outsource it to freelancer developer or other firms. Make up your mind before going for the process. Read some best experiments performed for redesigning and view final product, it will be helpful for you to bring the quality in your assignment.

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