How to Pick a Furnace Manufacturer

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A number of industrial processes require heat in their manufacturing processes. The requirement of high heat is usually met by using furnaces or ovens. Furnaces are used in factories because these support a large scale load. Today we have a large number of furnace manufacturers in India, from small, mid and large-scale manufacturers. Selecting the right manufacturer spends on many factors, such as capacity, services and reliability.

Understanding Furnaces

A furnace is used when we need heat in the manufacturing process. There are usually three main purposes behind this:

  • To change the shape of material, such as in forging, rolling
  • To melt metals for casting
  • To change the properties of a metal.

We use a fuel to generate the heat. The flue gas produced by the fuel then heats up the inside of the furnace. There are many different types of furnaces, but each has a few common components — refractors, hearth, burners, chimneys and charging doors that are used to load and unload the chamber.

Factors that we consider when picking the manufacturer:

Type of furnace

There are different types of furnaces and you have to first decide what you need. Each type has its benefits and drawbacks. Most furnace manufacturers in India will have a fairly wide array of furnaces. But it is always better to be sure of what your specific requirements are before you select a type. You should also carefully study the pros and cons of each design.

The different type of furnaces are:

  • Forging furnace
  • Re-rolling mill furnace: This includes batch type and continuous pusher type furnaces
  • Continuous reheating furnace: The different types of furnaces in this category include pusher furnace, walking beam furnace, walking hearth furnace, continuous circulating bogie furnace and rotary hearth furnace.

Electric Vs Combustion: Broadly speaking furnaces are of two types — combustion furnaces that use fuel and electric furnaces that use electricity. While the electric furnace uses up a lot of power, there is less dependence on fuel supplying vendors. It also insulates one from fluctuations in furl prices. However, combustion furnaces can produce high heat and the gas produced in combustion furnaces can be more efficient.

Combustion Furnaces: When picking a combustion furnace manufacturer in India, again, there are many other factors you have to consider. The first is the type of fuel. Different types of fuel are used in different furnaces. The most common are oil, gas and coal. The type of fuel is an important consideration because it can have a direct impact on the atmosphere inside the furnace, which effects the material used.

Secondly, you have to decide on the mode of charging which can continuous or periodical. Periodical charging furnaces include forging, re-rolling and pot furnaces. Continuous furnaces include pusher furnaces, rotary hearth, continuous recirculating bogie furnaces, walking beam and hearth furnaces. Next comes the mode of heat transfer, which can be radiation or combustion. Radiation uses an open fire place to heat the inside, while convection furnaces use a medium to transfer heat. Lastly, is the mode of heat recovery. It can be recuperative or regenerative.

Supply: Will the manufacturer supply the furnace to your location? This is an important factor if you are thinking of picking a manufacturer outside your locality. Furnaces are large structure and often need careful handling and transportation. When checking for the supply, find out if the transportation cost is included in the overall pricing.

Experience: An experience in the field is always welcome. It means that the manufacturer has an understanding of the industry, its rules and regulations. You should also check out their past work and record. If possible, follow references of past clients. What was their experience in dealing with the manufacturer? How easy was the design to work with? How was the cost effectiveness of the design and so on.

Additional services: Furnaces need regular maintenance. This is best carried out by the manufacturer, especially if it is a customised design. Some manufacturer offer free maintenance for a limited period with an AMC arrangement later on. Check if these services are available and within your budget.

Budget: Given the wide scale of furnace manufacturers in India, you can also get different price options. However, make sure of all the inclusions in the final price, such as transportation, installation, maintenance and repair.

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