How To Lower Your Car Insurance

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It is not too difficult to end up with a driving record that is not altogether clean. It can be quite easy to flout a traffic rule given the congestion and various distractions that you may be subject to, and the police are also ever vigilant.

The fallout of a driving record that has blemishes is that the next time you want to renew your car insurance policy, it will be more expensive, and if you really have been clocking up too many violations, the company may even refuse to cover you anymore.

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Time to Start Shopping For Insurance Cover
You need to look around for a new insurer if you have been involved in a major violation of traffic rules or if there has been a series of three minor violations. This is because it is quite likely that your present company will ask for a really high premium at the time of renewal or simply refuse to cover you anymore. In this situation, it is better to start identifying the agencies that deal with high-risk customers and sell auto insurance policies that are non-standard.

Ask them to provide you a few options so that you can decide on the most suitable. Since these agencies are accustomed to dealing with customers with similar profiles, they will invariably treat with courtesy and respect, but it is always a good idea to approach those agencies that have a high volume of such customers.

This is simply because these agencies are likely to be completely familiar with all aspects of taking out policies for customers with high-risk profiles, and also be able to help you with the filing of SR 22, in case it is required.

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Be Candid Regarding Your Driving Record
When you want to get motor insurance with a poor driving record, there is absolutely no use trying to hide facts from your insurance agent as the actual records will be taken into account by the insurance company at the time of issuing the policy.

Most insurance agents do not refer your actual driving record till such time you agree to buy the policy. In case you have been less than candid regarding your driving record, you will be given an incorrect premium quote that will not be applicable.

The reason why most agents do not run the actual driving records before purchase is because the cost comes out from their pocket and they want to be sure that they have a genuine customer before they incur the cost of running the driving record.

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Consider Reducing the Policy Coverage
When you have a poor driving record, you’ll normally be offered very high rates for collision and comprehensive insurance cover. Removing these elements can drastically cut down the cost of insurance but expose you to increased risk, as your car may be just too costly to repair in the absence of comprehensive insurance coverage.

If you are realistic, this is the signal for you to dispose this fancy car and buy a more sensible and affordable set of wheels. The best approach is to look out for a used vehicle that is high on safety, and ideally so affordable that you wouldn’t mind dropping the collision and comprehensive insurance coverage.

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Don’t Miss Out On Applicable Discounts
Just because you have a poor driving record does not mean that you will not be eligible for the variety of discounts that insurance companies offer to lock in customers and fight competition. If you have a good credit score then you will be eligible for a discount applicable for those who are financially stable.

Owning a home also makes you eligible for a homeowners’ discount. If you have multiple cars you will be able to qualify for a better rate as is the case if you have multiple policies with the same insurance company. Paying the full insurance premium in one shot or by standing instructions to debit your bank account or credit card can also get you a reasonable discount Ask your insurance agent the best ways of availing of the discounts.

It is very important to note that you need to stay positive and drive safely because repairing your driving record can take a very long period of time. Do not let your policy lapse for any reason as you will find it more difficult to obtain cover later on and your premiums will continue to stay high.

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