How To Fix Microsoft Edge Won’t Open Issue

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft has takenthe biggest decision of launching Windows 10,and it is just seen in the new browser,i.e., Microsoft Edge. This is designed to replace Internet Explorer and challenge the users with the all new UI.

Microsoft Edge has been loved by many Windows users but as it is a new browser then obviously it might be having the issues to check, some not known functions to learn and the complications to troubleshoot.

If you are irritated with the problems of Edge browser or you are into a serious issue, let’s take a look at some of the common problems and its issues that will get you back on track.

1-The internet connectivity of Edge cut’s out usually and doesn’t get connected

  • This is the most irritating problem everywhere when you can’t work, and also you don’t have any other browser. If you have Windows 10 with theunsupported software of VPN, then you won’t be able to use Edge. The solution is to update the software or replace VPN.
  • There are many reasons of not getting connected. Check by troubleshooting it and see what Microsoft says.
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2-Microsoft Edge works very slowly and takes time to load

  • Click on “…” option on the top right corner below thecross and look for more options. From that, choose the new In Private browsing window. If your problem is solved from this, then there might be the trackers or other difficulties with the page.
  • Clean Out the data of Edge by clicking on “…” by choosing Settings in that. Under Clear internetdata,select what you would like to clear. Delete all the history and cached data. Restart your browser and check if it’s working properly.
  • You can look for the errors in System File Checker. On the keyboard, press the keys of Windows + X. Choose the option of Command Prompt from the list. In the box, type ‘SFC/scannow’ (no quote marks) and enter. This will scan all the trouble making files and will also fix them. If you are still getting an error, look for the option how to proceed.
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3-The error prompting ‘website has a problem’ or ‘Internet Explorer needed.’

  • If many pages are working fine, but some of them come up with the message that says ‘Internet Explorer needed,’ then the pages are not read by Edge correctly. Open that page with Internet Explorer. The error page will have an option to either pop up with the Explorer or continue with Edge and face the problems. You can find the possibility of Edge drop-down menu and in it the option of opening with Internet Explorer.
  • If you want to know if there’s a problem with the website only then you can also go for the option of ‘Is it down for everyone’ to check its status.

4-All the webpages are showing the problem, and it will not even load

  • If each website that you are visiting is showing an error message, but your internet is working, then there’s an issue with Try to solve it by clicking on “…” and choose Settings. Then select the option of “Choose what to clear” under the Clear browser data. Clean Out your browsing history and cached files. Restart the Edge and check if it is okay now.
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5-Passwords does not work on Edge

  • If some sites ask for passwords and Edge is not allowing you to do it then there’s a problem with your cookies, cache or history. Click on “…” button and choose the option of Settings. From that select the option of “what to clear” under the browser data. Clear all your history, cookies and cache and then reload edge.

6-Favorites and downloads are missing

  • Microsoft has switched to an Edge browser which contains a hub to store the information of your web. Look for the option of ‘Hub.’ Select it and choose Favorites to see your current saved You can also download your old favoritesfrom the second browser by selecting the option of ‘Import Favorites.’

7-Texts are too small

Quickly change the size of a webpage by using Ctrl + or Ctrl – or by opening “…” and increase or decrease the settings of zoom. Visit Talk Mug to play facebook games online free.

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