How to Create Electrical Ground Wire Connection?

Electrical Ground Wire

Do you understand ground wiring? Brass earthing components suppliers mark this question important in their diary because if you don’t know what is ground wiring then how you will be able to connect it correctly.

Ground wires provide protection against electrical shock and thus, you should know how to connect ground wire successfully. Having capability of forming connection with distinct things, ground wire is being used in many ways for various projects.


You just need to be cautious and respect the guidelines issued by professionals to keep yourself safe and productive.

#point 1 – Techniques
There are several techniques used by experts for electrical grounding projects. One of the most preferred techniques is known as pigtail connection. For this type of method, you will need a stripped wire (from both ends) and connect it to the ground wires. After completion of this connection, you need to apply wire connector to hold them together.

There will be a requirement of bonding jumper when there is a grounding terminal that has to be linked to a receptacle with a grounded box. If there are multiple equipment grounding conductors that go inside a junction box, you need to bond them as well by using grounding conductors. Apply the conductors from every device into the box using a grounding screw.


#Point 2 Light Fixtures
In case your project need ground wires to be set up in light fixtures, do it because this will ensure your fixture safety. Find the ground screw either on the mounting bracket or on the light fixture. Take the ground wire coming from the electrical box and use needle-nose pliers to twist the wire tip to create a hook. You can use this hook to go around the ground screw and fasten the screw.

#point 3 Electrical outlets
Have you ever come across the situation where you need to ground electrical outlets that have no grounding wire? It is possible to do that! You can do it by closing the connection of the breaker box. Once the electricity supply stops, take out the old receptacle and look for a dark color wire connected to the brass terminal. This wire is known as hot wire. Use your old receptacle’s wires and prepare them for the new one.


Take the strands of each bare wire and twist those using fingers. It is important to connect wires to the GFCI terminals, and wrap the exposed hot wire ends around the brass terminal. You need to connect neutral wire to the silver terminal. Once you complete this part, you can put GFCI outlet into junction box and close it up. Turn the power on and press reset button.

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