How Retractable Awnings Act as Effective Window Coverings

retractable awning

Awnings are protective roof-like structures installed in the home outdoors, restricting sun’s glare, heat and harmful UV rays reach the windows and doors. These beneficial metal sheets are available in different colour, styles and sizes, based on your needs and requirements. If you want to have retractable awning frames, you will have a model with hinged arms for extension, adjustable in nature and superb flexibility in managing the amount shade offered. In this blog, we have discussed detailed information about using retractable awnings as window coverings.

Effect on overall thermal performance

We know awnings are basically used to minimise solar heat reaching the house in southern climates. However, they also have the tendency to save energy in northern climates as they reduce summertime heat. These effective products from GT Blinds in Brisbane act as a roof shelter for the decks or patios, creating a relaxing outdoor environment on a sunny day.

Being a solar heat managing agent, these metal sheets affect the overall thermal performance. They do it in two different ways – by reducing heat in situations when cooling is required indoors and allowing required heat pass into the home interior when you need to stay warmer. Most of the times, stationary awnings are placed and configured depending on the modelling or energy analysis to optimise the performance during the whole year for a particular location.


You can configure a stationary awning to restrict direct sunlight on the south wall, allowing desired winter sunlight in a lower-angle beam. Awnings won’t be as effective on east and west walls due to the low angles of solar heat – during late afternoon on west walls and early morning on the east walls. This could only be possible when they are incorporated with side covering, well-designed and could be extended to cover the windows completely.

 The major benefit of retractable awnings is that you can keep it partially or totally retracted to let the useful sunlight enter the house in winters and make it extended when the heat beam turns harsh and harmful in hot summers, especially when you need proper cooling from the air conditioner.


Key Benefits of installing Retractable Awnings in Brisbane

  • Reduces damage from UV rays to the home interiors
  • Restricts rain from reaching the windows
  • Reduces sun’s glare
  • Improves the appearance of your house
  • Blocks excess heat and cold
  • Reduces condensation in winters, especially during night
  • Maintains windows egress

Key Drawbacks

  • For maximum performance from the awnings, you need to customize them, mainly in case of fixed awnings.
  • If it is extremely thick and deep blocking most of the solar heat, it could be restricting daylight and view.


  • Available in broad color range, materials and configurations
  • Extremely variable, based on the style of the house and tastes of the homeowner

Tips to follow

  • During the process of sizing the awnings or designing, ask the manufacturer to use computer modelling to display shading patterns on the windows all day in different seasons.
  • If you are living in a historic district or condominium, make sure there are no restrictions on installing Aluminum retractable awnings in Brisbane.

As you now have all the essential information on how retractable awnings act as window coverings, you can immediately get in touch with GT Blinds to place your orer.

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