How Gardening Boost Your Health & Lifestyle

A growing number of studies have revealed that gardening brings benefits to mental and physical health. Here are 4 reasons to start planting.

Improve Your Life With More Life.

It is difficult not to enjoy life when you are surrounded by flowers, vegetables and all the wild life that these attract.

University of Texas and Texas A & M teachers surveyed 298 older adults to measure their level of “pleasure for life”, studied their levels of optimism, strength, and found that gardeners had much higher grades in all those areas Who were not gardeners.

Reduces Risk Of Osteoporosis

It is probably not surprising that gardening causes weight loss and improves the complexion due to physical activity involved in maintaining a garden, but it is surprising that gardening can improve bone health.

In a study of 3,310 women, researchers at the University of Arkansas found that women who practice gardening had a lower risk of osteoporosis than joggers, swimmers, or aerobics. This is related to the fact that gardening is an activity that works as weight training: pulling grass, digging, loading compost and soil, etc.

Diabetes Needs

One of the first steps in controlling diabetes is to exercise. Very active gardeners can easily spend the 150 minutes of recommended weekly exercise while those who do not work so hard at gardening do little less time to exercise, according to a University of Kansas study.

Improve Rest

The mental health benefits of gardening are also clear to medicine, in fact there is something called horticultural therapy and has been developed to help people with psychiatric disorders.

Studies have found that people with dementia and anxiety get a sense of calm after doing gardening, which helps them to rest better.

What Tools You Need To Start

Before you leave your local garden store, it is advisable to take a look at these tools and confirm if you have everything you need to make your garden the joy of your life.

Hoe. This piece is essential to remove and aerate the earth, previous important work to the planting of new seeds.

Garden blade. Also called a spade, it is the one that presents a curvature and a somewhat sharper end, specifically prepared to dig into the ground and make wells. The handle can be of different sizes: shorter for manual or extended task to work with the help of the feet. It allows to carry soil from one place to another (like from the ground to the interior of a pot) with comfort.

Pruning shears. Pruning plants is one of the basic tasks for their care, so having a good pair of scissors is basic for the gardener.

Rake. It is designed to match the terrain level, but it also serves other functions, such as collecting the fallen leaves from the trees or the grass after cutting it, although a metal or plastic brush is better for this.

Sprayer. It may be an old and worn out sprayer, but the important thing is that it continues to efficiently fulfill its function: to spray different substances to spray.

Hose. The use of a hose is the simplest method for watering the plants in the garden, and it is necessary even if you have one or more sprinklers.

Gloves. Unless you are willing to ruin your hands and end up with damaged and heavily soiled dirt nails, wearing gloves is essential. The most common and practical ones are made of cotton, although they should be made of leather or other materials more resistant to certain tasks (such as working with rose bushes or other spiny plants). They can also be plastic or latex, which are comfortable but less safe and effective.

Sprinklers. can be very helpful for watering the garden, especially if your size is considerable and if you have natural grass. Much less practical but more “handmade”, and even glamorous, is to have a watering can, which can even be decorated to the liking of the gardener.

Safety glasses. are important if pruning trees or very tall plants (with parts that are at the height of the eyes of the cutter or above). A small fragment of branch, stem or any other part of a plant can be very harmful to the eyes, and every precaution should always be taken to reduce the risks.

Lawn mowers

The “Luxus Push Reel Mower” is rated as one of the best for gardening enthusiasts as it provides a great cover that protects your flowers and shrubs. Another special tool called the “American Lawn Mower Deluxe” has also been credited as one of the best and does not cause pollution. But it does not fit all pastures.

Garden shredders

In general all garden shredders come with a high power motor and a quiet crushing system. This type of tool is used to accelerate the grinding process.

They are easy to assemble and serve to prune the trees with a maximum of 40 mm and to treat healthy lacustrine. It is considered to be the best among garden shredders since it is very portable and has wheels.


These modern tools are available with patented tips to cut the compact floor smoothly. They are also available with a tool to make the edges. It is perfect for cleaning the bucket, oxygenate and to cover with straw. It can be very useful for preparing vegetable plots, flower arrangements and so on.


This tool is used extensively for smaller gardens. It has an infinite height adjuster and a 200 liter manifold.

Clipping the edges

This tool has also been credited as an important equipment for those dedicated to the garden. Help to trim the shrubs and also to prune.

The tridents

This is a wonderful tool used to aerate, transplant, split grasses and perennials. You can also use it as a trident for dung, cushion and for small gardens.

The Chainsaw

The chainsaw is an important tool to cut the large branches of tree and to work around the maintain trees with their medium size braches. If you have one, you will not need a pick any other saw. Visit to know more on chainsaw reviews.

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