Top 10 Graphic Designing Trends For The Year 2017

Graphic Designing Trends

The graphic design world is evolving all the time! It has always been crucial in the business. One of the essential factors to become successful in the industry is having a well-designed website. It gives your business a face to make itself stand out from the competition. Apart from the website, it also ensures that your brand is represented consistently across different other mediums such as pamphlets, posters, and packaging. And with the increase of new technologies, the role of graphic design is becoming more valuable to businesses.

Trends come and go – some design trends stay for years, others fade away for few months. With the advent of new technologies, the existence of graphic design is expected to evolve with other disciplines in the years to come. In this post, we will bring out the top trends which will shape the face of graphic design and take the leading positions in 2017.

1. Bold And Bright Colors
If you want to catch the motion of the latest graphic design trends, then use only bold and bright colors in your design. In past, designers were using ”easy to digest color combinations” to create very clean designs. But time has been changed now.

In 2017, we expect only bright and bold colors. We are expecting to see various companies adopting this trend, both for web design and print design because some of the renowned companies decided to change their logos and brand images from neutral color to multicolored transitions.


2. Typography And Font Combination
In 2017, typography will be big with statement titles because it’s a crucial part to create an outstanding design.  A carefully selected font is important for ensuring that the people can consume the content easily. When you create your text, keep in your mind that the size and weight of the font and this enables to indicate which letters are most important. You need to remember that you can only create a great graphic design through the position of text or font.

3. Hand-Drawn Icons And Graphics
This is a trend! It has been in the prominence for a few years now. Hand-drawn graphics and icons are considered as authentic images. So, many brands add hand-drawn elements into the design that help to differentiate themselves from the competition. This particular style is used for several industries such as cafes, restaurants and art and crafts.


4. Cinemagraph
”Cinemagraph” is the perfect tool to grab the audience’s attention in a very short and exciting way. Cinemagraphs are still images with minor parts moving in them. This technique makes any simple photo more realistic. The human eye is instantly attracted to the moving part, as the background of the image stays still. Due to its ability to stand apart, cinematography will soon be widely used by e-commerce sites and banner ads in 2017.

(Image Source: Pinterest)


5. Geometric Designs
This is a trend and will continue in 2017. Geometric shape in graphic design is one of those styles that will never die. Geometric patterns, or Geometric circles look clean and can help you win eye-catching compositions. Geometric patterns can also be combined with vibrant colors and typography in order to make this trend even more modern.

(Image Source: YouTube)


6. Modern Retro Style
As opposed to old retro, Modern Retro gets its name from a style that’s very throwback. This trend uses design patterns from the 1970s to 1990s on the basis of projects’ requirements. In this modern retro style, especially Greek designs are in. The best part about modern retro is that it comes with a certain sense of nostalgia and provides an immediate connection between the design and the user. Most of the designs are focused on fun or playfulness, so that users feel light, easy and have an almost child/early teen flair to them.

7. Minimalism
Minimalism is a trend and secured enough in its popularity too. It focuses on keeping just the essential things and removing unnecessary details. In 2017, this trend is expected to retain popularity with simplicity, minimal colors and effects too. Minimalism allows graphic designers to create an inspiring logo design and use them across various backgrounds too. For instance, Medium’s company logo is one of the minimalist-influenced designs. It is able to include a bunch of different colors but still creates a very minimalist logo.


(Image Source: Venngage)

8. Material Design
Material design is the biggest of design trends and it dominates everywhere in 2017. This particular style was made by Google to simplify the way designers design and users interact with the internet. Initially, it was designed for mobile and websites, but now this design type can be seen in all types of design formats. According to Blog., an article says that the concepts of this material design trend are “material as a metaphor; bold, graphic, intentional; and motion provides meaning.” Intentional white space, deliberate choices of colors, large-scale typography, edge-to-edge imagery are some of the main aspects of this type of design language. Card based layouts, bigger types and bold colors and light and shadow effects are also included in this kind of design.


9. Negative Space
This is an old trend but we expect it will continue in 2017. Negative space is an indispensable part of any good design. It’s the space that surrounds an object in a design or picture. In any image, negative space enables to determine the boundaries of positive space and also conveys equality to a visual design. Negative space gives dual message to your designs, especially for logo design and branding projects.

(Image Source: Logo Design)


10. Custom Images And Illustrations
Stock photos are not dead. These are still popular. But stock photos are frequently being replaced by ”custom graphics and illustrations”. This is a new trend that will increase in 2017. The custom imagery and illustrations are the best way for creating unique visuals for your business. Custom imagery make a visual language that captures the personality of a trade name or product than traditional photography.

A Closing Note
Are you ready for 2017? Well, these are the graphic design trends that will shape this year! Do attempt at designing with these trends. Good Luck!

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