Unleash Some Fun Facts about Pests and Rodents

Get away with cunning Rodents

Pests have the characteristics of choosing dark and secretive places to nest over open playgrounds and parks. What are the places that suit their needs best? Well, your home, garage, and the store room in your office support them with the required criteria. Be it summer, winter or rainy season, pests like rodents and termites strictly abide by the characteristics of their shelter. This is to say, rats and mice would sneak in to your house to keep warm and secure, as they get both the right space and food in your kitchen. We know it’s annoying and disturbing to find out their presence in your Central Coast home. Let us discuss how you can handle the situation smartly. Keep reading to win over your little cunning opponents!

Secret of getting rid of rodents
Have you already tried some tricks and baits to catch them? None of those worked? If so, it is time you call for pest control in Central Coast. The skilled and experienced pest inspectors know the secrets of keeping rodents away from commercial, industrial, domestic and rural properties. They use a special bait system such as ditrac to shun these little creatures.

The system consists of a cylindrical block that sets a perfect encouragement for rodents’ gnawing habits. All they wait it for the rodents to feed in the bait. As soon as the rats get in and feed, they are fatal. The specialty of this bait is its durability in different weather conditions.


Where the rodent baits are placed
The ditrac system is generally adjusted in the roof cavities. They are smartly diffused in the area to ensure the rodents enter the bait. This is how the population of rats and mice are controlled professionally.

Giving an explanation of the process, the blocks consist of a hole in the centre from where threads connect it to the beams on the path along which rats and mice travel. This is considered to be a wonderful option in areas of hay sheds and rural constructions.

Pest inspection in commercial and industrial properties
Like domestic properties, commercial and industrial properties should also be inspected for any kind of pest issues at regular intervals. Just ask your pest inspection technician to perform a special program for you at regular intervals. A good maintenance program prevents pest infestation and keeps them away in future.

Ditrac is useful bait systems to restrict rodents enter your house. It deploys lockable boxes around the suspected areas in the building. Regular checks are carried out to ensure no pests enter the premises or destroy your valuables. In a way, you should also note things to consider when buying a property to stay away from harmful pest infestations.

After the serious discussion on the ways to keep rodents away from your house or workplace, Let us now talk about some fun and interesting facts about pests that would surprise you.


1. Rats
Rats are everywhere in the world. These creatures hold the capacity to instigate harmful diseases. However, they are highly affectionate little pests, enjoying the company of other rats and domestic animals. They are also close to humans though always competing with them for food. Rats and mice are mostly used in scientific laboratories to perform certain experiments.

2. Mice
Mice are nocturnal animals which also spread dangerous diseases like Leptospirosis and Salmonella like rats. The continuous dribbling of urine infects and contaminates the food stuffs. They have poor eyesight, however this inability is balanced with their strong hearing and olfactory ability. Did you know a mice’s tail can grow to the same length as its body. They are such gluttons that they can eat 15-20 times each day.

3. Cockroaches
Did you know the amazing fact about cockroaches that they survive seven days without a head? These are nocturnal creatures spending daytime hours amidst cracks and crevices around food sources (sinks and cookers) and water. It is a pest that has the ability to hold breath for the highest to 40 minutes and can survive under water for 30 minutes. It is not done yet; they can run 3 miles in an hour’s time.

4. Houseflies
These are considered among the most irritating pests. Houseflies consist of an eating tube not just a mouth. They have 4000 lenses in the eye which enables a broader viewing range. They can travel 13 miles away from their birthplace. Even if they have wings that beat 20,000 times a minute, they can only travel 5 miles in an hour.

5. Fleas
Did you ever imagine a flea has the ability to jump 130 times its height? It passes through four different life stages: egg, larva, pupa and finally a biting adult. They generally feed on blood and can line for 100 days on an average. A female flea is capable of laying 2,000 eggs all her life. Now this is something amazing to hear.


6. Spiders
To your surprise, there are around 35,000 species of spiders in the world. Out of the thousands, 27 are capable of causing human fatalities. The most amazing fact about these web creatures is the male spiders pluck the cobweb similarly one plays a guitar to impress the female spider.

7. Ants
Did you know that ants never sleep? If their queen dies, the entire family will head towards their demise as there won’t be any chances of new workers. Ants are the only insects that can live up to 30 years, having the longest among all the living insects. Once there was an ant colony that travelled over 3750 miles or 6000kms in length. There are some certain ants that travel the fastest in the entire animal kingdom.

8. Bedbugs
These pests are smartest in hiding. For them, night is for feeding dn in daytime they prefer hiding in cracks and crevices. When darkness sets in, the bed bugs leave their nests to feed on your blood. They only attack when you are in sound sleep. Smart little critters! immediately contact pest control service provider for bed bug control in Central Coast.

Weren’t these facts surprising and interesting? There are a lot more you would love to know. But for now, keep these harmful creatures away from your home and workplace with help of pest control in Central Coast.


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