Fault Analysis Testing By Transformer Oil Purification Team


To maintain the stability in the electrical system, transformer oil purification team needs to monitor the condition of the sensitivity equipments in power system. Among all the power systems, most attention is given to the power transformers.

The life time of the transformer gets reduced due to deterioration of insulation, which may be liquid or solid insulation. Liquid and solid insulation system are intended to withstand stresses like power frequency voltage and transient stresses like switching impulses, lightning impulses, and short circuits. Manufacturing units may examine the deterioration of solid insulation system using several methodologies like degree of polymerization and analysis of foreign content.

They perform thermal degradation test on oil using press board and craft paper. They heat the test samples up to 5, 7, 9, 12, 15, 18, and 20 hours. This test is performed to simulate the real time thermal degradation of oil.


They perform degradation test due to accumulation of water or moisture. All the test samples are mixed in the proportionate of 10%, 15%, 20%, and 25% of 700 ml of water. They analyze the trends of changes in the characteristics. This test is performed to stimulate the changes of characteristics due to availability of high content of water in oil.

Experts prepare the report from the test results. Acidity value steadily increases when water content increases, but whenever the water content level increases beyond specific percentage of limit, the acidity value decreases. Viscosity value reveals a sharp hike at 20% of water content and later trends to fall down rapidly, hence oil flow rate gets increased. On increasing the water content values, there is a rapid decrease in BDV value.

Experts drew the oil samples periodically in specially crafted containers by following certain preventive measures to avoid damage.


Some national/international standards are taken care at every phase of oil testing process. The test results are available to the utilities / engineers to analyze / diagnose the incipient faults in the transformers. These reports can be obtained from companies and utilities to plan service activity without any disruption to power supply to the customers.

Experimental investigations are performed in insulating oil by Transformer oil purification team to study critical electrical characteristics changes. Important parameters of oil are analyzed for several levels of thermal degradation insulation materials.

For more details about insulating oil filtration, talk to experts right away. Make sure you explain your requirements in right manner and make them understand about the information you are looking for.


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