Factors To Keep in Mind When Choosing House Wires

House Wires

One of the prerequisites of modern life is electricity. Unless you are living in a cave, an electric system for your home is a basic necessity. In fact, even a cave dweller today will insist on some sort of wiring system. Virtually everything in a modern home — from the lights to the security system — works on electricity.

But while this is one of our basic necessities, it is also a network that must be planned and laid out carefully. A simple mistake can prove to be too expensive. Faulty wiring can cause short-circuit, fires and take lives. This makes it necessary that we pay attention to the safety of the wiring. The best way is to choose your house wires manufacturer carefully.

Choosing the right wire
In a typical home, we need wiring systems at multiple points for different purposes. We need indoor, outdoor as well as underground wiring. We need wiring for panel boards, branch circuits, an outlet box and fuse boxes. We may also need special wiring for some special appliances. The flow of the electricity to our house comes from.

The electric current flows away to the electric appliances used by you in the entire house from the power company through your panels, its breakers, out on your circuits and back. There are many paths along this line which could fail or gets disrupted and there are various ways in which the electricity can pass to places which are unwanted.

There are many factors to be considered while choosing house wires. Some of these are:

Wires can have different thicknesses. A thicker wire allows for more current to pass through than a thinner one. We need different thicknesses around the house since the usage varies. For instance, we need thick wires near a meter box where different currents converge, while we need thinner wires at the switch board, since most appliances do not need a very high current. Keep in mind that if you force a wire to carry more current than its ampacity, it will overheat and melt, creating a dangerous situation.

Corrosion resistance
Although wires in a house are often boxed in pipes or placed inside their own cover, corrosion resistance is still important. This is especially important is the wires are placed outdoors. For instance, when we are setting up wiring for outdoor appliances. In these conditions, a wire is exposed to moisture, dust and temperature fluctuations. Underground wiring is again very susceptible to highly corrosive elements.

Moisture resistance
House wires manufacturers also take particular care to ensure that wires are moisture resistant. This is because a home can be unexpectedly susceptible to moisture and dampness. Outdoor areas and underground cabling is always exposed to moist conditions. Even indoors, the dangers of seepage in the walls mean that our wires must have ample protection against moisture.

This is of paramount importance in a house. Remember, there are probably small children who are extremely susceptible to any accidents. This is why wiring systems these days area mostly covered up so that no part is ever left exposed. Nevertheless proper insulation is important. Since multiple wires are often laid out across the wiring system, we also have to ensure that there is no overheating.

As the wiring system in modern homes is usually laid out within the house framework, its durability is extremely important. Faulty wires cannot be easily spotted and replacing the wiring is simply too cumbersome. SO, it’s imperative that we get it right at the beginning. Invest in a durable wiring system that will last you for decades. This is why we often use copper for home wiring.

In modern houses, wiring and the access to electricity has become critical. We not only need electricity, more than sufficient outlets and we need outlets with different power outage. Today each room needs plenty of plug points and switches because of the sheer number of appliances we are using. We also need power points for high-voltage appliance like washing machines, fridges and TV. Planning for this must be carried out at the construction stage when it is easier and simpler to put in switchboards!

Wiring for your home is one of the most critical decisions you will make. It will affect the safety of your home, its smooth running and your peace of mind. So, always go for a trusted and certified house wires manufacturer.

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