Different Flavors Of Cake: Perfect Way To Make Her Feel Special

Different Flavors Of Cake

Love is in the air! When it comes to expressing love,  cakes have been considered as one of the best messengers of love and regards. A delicious, tender and creamy cake can easily enlighten the mood of your lady. Whether it’s about celebrating a love event or you simply want to uplift the mood of your special one when she is feeling low, there’s nothing works better than a delicious and well decorated cake. There are different flavors of cakes available in the market. If you really want to make her feel touched and special, it is really important to know about the different flavors of cake so that you can easily order cake online from a popular cake store.

Red Velvet:
Perfectly named for its deep and vibrant red color, this cake is the ideal hue to represent love and romance to your beloved lady. The best part of this cake is that the flavor of this cake is not too chocolaty or quite vanilla either. This cake comes with the rich and smooth texture and at the same time it pairs up perfectly with cream cheese frosting. A heart-shaped red velvet flavored cake could be one of the best gifts to present her. The deep red color of the sponge against the cream cheese frosting really makes a romantic moment when cutting the cake.


With wide options of richness and flavor pairings, chocolate has always remained as the best flavor of cake when it comes to showing love to your dearest lady. Now you might be wondering to know how this childhood favorite can be elevated to a new level of sophistication. Well, you can simply do it by mixing it with mint, orange, and strawberry. Chocolate is really well known for its depression eliminating property and that’s the reason why it would be a great idea to present your woman a very delicious chocolate cake, especially when she is depressed.


Light and tangy, lemon is one of the most popular flavors of cakes. It is a perfect choice for your ladylove if she doesn’t want a cake which is heavy and rich. It can easily be paired with strawberries and whipped cream for achieving a tasty fruity blend. It can be completed with the lemon butter-cream also.

There’s no chance of getting wrong with a cake that comes with the Vanilla flavor. Most of the couples prefer to go with this. One of the best advantages of having this cake is that you can keep it simple or it can be dressed up with any kind of frosting, filling or fruits. The simple vanilla flavored can seriously bring the smile of happiness on her face.


Carrot cake:
If your better half always prefers to go the non-traditional route, carrot cake could be a really popular choice for her. The batter of this cake is mainly made with grated carrots and nuts. This cake is moist and the grated carrots and nuts make a lovely consistency for this cake. This cake is deliciously paired with a cream cheese frosting.

Pink Champaign:
This cake flavor is actually unique because instead of using water in the batter, champagne is used. Now you might be wondering to know how the beautiful pink color is achieved. Well, coloring dye is used for bringing the color. The common toppings for this cake include rum flavored custard, dyed pink white chocolate shavings and Bavarian whipped cream.


Coconut and lime cake:
Rich and delicious coconut lusciously combined with the tangy and tart lime filling or frosting is a like a heaven made dessert. This is the ideal flavor for the people who are looking for a sweet and a rich cake without coming from the chocolate family.

When it comes to buying the most delicious cake for your lady love, it is always better to buy it from a popular online cake store that has a huge collection of cakes. Another big advantage of shopping cake from a well known online cake store is that most of the online stores offer free of cost cake delivery to the given address.

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