Delicious Non Vegetarian Recipes from India That One Must Try

Tandoori Roast Chicken

For some people in India good food’s definition means a meaty affair. There is simply no end to the non-vegetarian dishes that Indian recipe has. Each and every state in India hasits special recipes. From North to South you will see an entire different range of delicacies that will blow away your taste buds.

From Goan masala prawns to Oriya mutton curry, food fanatics will find themselves in dilemma in what to eat. Try stirring up some of the best non-vegetarian dishes at home and surprise your family members and friends with some of the best non-vegetarian delicacies that Indian recipe offers. Below is a list of some of the best dishes that can be easily prepared at home.

Kolhapuri Chicken Recipe:
This comes straight from the kitchen of Maharashtra. Blend with exciting spices and topped with coriander and lemon. This spicy chicken recipe can be a delight for your guests as they can never have enough of this flavorful and unique dish. This dish is now on the menu of almost all restaurants not just in Maharashtra but in India.

Tandoori Chicken Recipe:
This Mughlai dish is food fanatic’s favourite dish without a doubt. Imagine a house party without serving tandoori chicken is almost impossible in most part of India. This can serve as a good and a healthy appetizer. From kids to elders there’s no one who don’t crave for this yummy delicious chicken item.


Mutton Gravy Recipe:
Of course, mutton is favoured after chicken but when tender chunks of lamb mixed in rich tomato gravy meets your taste buds, you are sure to be left with a heavenly feeling. On a house party,this can go well as a main course item. It can be served with any kind of roti and since gravy is thick and rich, it can be served with rice as well.

Biryani Recipes:
In almost half of India, rice is their staple food and hence a dinner without a rice based item is just impossible. The best part about biryani is that can be prepared with various variants like using chicken, or mutton among others. Every state has its style of preparing biryani but one that stands out is Hyderbadi chicken or mutton biryani. Hence you can try that for your guests and they will just keep boasting about it for a long-long time.


Fish Gravy Recipe:
India shares a vast coastline and hence fish is favoured over chicken or mutton in most part of India. Therefore having an item made up of fish can be a treat for your guests. This may be confusing though as each state has their own fish recipe but you can try Goan prawns recipe as prawns are available in almost all parts if India and is among the most preferred fish item.

The list though is endless but the above-mentioned list is a must try for any non-vegetarian Mutton curry lover. Thus for an exquisite house party a non-vegetarian food treat can be a great idea to treat your guests.

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