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Buying gold is not easy and it needs so much effort on buyer’s side by not just looking at the designs but also gaining the in-depth knowledge about specifications of gold. You do not buy gold regularly, but when you do make sure it is what you expected before purchasing and you should be satisfied after buying it. As it is a large investment it is always advisable to think it through.

A whole lot of variables need to be kept in mind while buying these precious jewels. The checklist will help you buy it in a better way and will filter out some of your doubts which may rise while actually making a purchase.


Let us go through some points which need to be kept in mind.

#1. Is the gold BIS hallmarked?
See to it that the gold which you are buying is original and verified. The BIS hallmark ensures that the gold you are purchasing is genuine and it’s not a fake metal. This remains the benchmark which you need to insist upon when buying gold. It makes crucial for you to ensure that you are buying gold from the BIS hallmarked jeweller.

#2. Checking per gram price:
You should always check the per gram price of gold as it varies from city to city as the gold prices are decided by various associations of gold jewellers. One reliable way to check the correct prices is by visiting more than one reputed jewellers and also checking the prices online on standard websites.


#3. Amount of gold you getting:
The price break up of gold is usually complicated. There are wastage prices which you have to pay depending upon the ornament and this calculation is only known to the jeweller. There are making charges too to be paid by you. You should check the amount of on-hand gold which you are getting after totaling the amount paid by you.

#4. Checking buyback terms:
You should check what your jeweller is willing to offer you if you were to exchange the gold at a later stage. What is the price at which your jeweller will exchange it. Will it be prevailing prices or the prices for which you purchased the gold. All the terms and conditions should be known to you regarding exchange policies.


#5. Always ask for a bill:
Whenever you are purchasing such an expensive jewellery items, you should always have an official receipt of it given by the jeweller. This will make you pay value-added taxes but in return, you will have transparency and assurance for future.

Above discussed are some generalized points. Let us go through the questions which you should ask yourself while purchasing the jewellery or Ceramic Jewellery.


#1. What and why?
The specific ornament which you want to buy and the reason of buying it. Whether it’s for a wedding, or for regular purpose etc. This should be very clear before making a purchase as it will help you filter out your choices of many choices which you have and have a clear idea exactly what to go for.

#2. Want to go for customization?
If none of the styles of a particular jeweller suits you, then you need to decide whether you want to go for customization or not. Customization will help to make a product which comes under your budget too.


#3. Paying appropriate prices?
See to it that you are getting worth for what you are paying. Carry out proper research regarding the prices of gems and then make your choice.

#4. How to maintain it?
You should always ask the jeweller how to maintain the ornament so that you do not incur any unnecessary costs of maintenance at later stages.


You should always do analysis at first whenever you are planning to buy gold jewellery of any type. The market study will always help you choose the jewellery in the best possible way saving your time and money to a larger extent and it also removes the probability of you getting cheated by any of the jewellers. Gold is something which you do not buy every day, but when you do make sure it is what you wanted and makes you feel satisfied.

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