Bluetooth Headphones Vs Smartwatches: Which Tech Is Hot On Heels in 2018!


Artificial Intelligence, Quantum computers, brain implants may have grabbed your attention, but these technologies haven’t affected our day to day lives. Just like sci-fi flicks, you may discover flagship of phones available on almost all the screens or maybe technologies like AI making decisions on your behalf. One thing struck for this year and all the upcoming years is the growing importance of software.

People nowadays don’t even find it necessary to buy a new phone, TV, watch or speaker as the system already incorporates the potential to update automatically with the latest version. The following post emphasizes on gazing into the crystal ball in order to identify some of the latest tech trends that’s going to make an impact in the near time- for better or worse.

Now when someone asks me about technologies or how technological habits have changed in the past 12 months then I would say, the entire year feels like the year of wirelessness. Right from Bluetooth headphones to smartwatches, mobile payments, although these aren’t any new but they may be able to hit the mainstream.

Down below I would like to shed some light on few technologies that snuck into our personal lives these days.

Hands-free, wire-free calls and music with AirPods
I personally find Airpods as one of the best products’ offered by Apple. However, you may not agree with me on this in terms of looks but they are extremely useful. Its key feature includes being light and comfortable enough to leave in for long periods of time. The battery may wane after a solid hour of talking on the phone but they recharge so quickly that it never feels like a problem. Pairing AirPods with an Apple Watch could be a pleasing experience. All you need to do is answer a phone call by simply tapping on your wrist and having the call instantly beamed straight into the ear. Such a beautiful delight, isn’t it?

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Wireless charging
This may not seem as a big deal until you try it out by yourself. Once you do, I am pretty much sure that fiddling around with cables suddenly seems like a chore. Smartphones with wireless charging provides an effortless solution to battery range anxiety. In fact with latest iPhones now joining Samsung’s Galaxy range in supporting the Qi wireless charging standard turns out as the entire world is transforming by installing compatible pads for use in public.

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The smart home
I have come across many of you who end up struggling with smart-home setups which have long compromised and under delivered. With the emergence of Amazon’s Echo, Google’s Nest, Samsung’s SmartThings, and Apple’s Homekit are all a few years old, technologies have finally started to work as they should. Fortunately, technology is all about finding creative ways to be lazy, I admit, but at the same time, it is jolly convenient.

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Facial recognition
Facial recognition is another example of a technology that has been around for years. The most high-profile example is Apple’s iPhone X and its TrueDepth Camera system. All of a sudden, millions of people are opening their phone with little more than a glance, dozens of times a day.

So that’s all for now! Keep watching the space to know more!

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