Leisure Time Activity On Board A Boat In Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour

The best of times goes hand in hand with the best type of celebrations and pastimes. It depends on the effort you put in and the quality of the effort. So, if you decide to go boating on your next holiday, it would mean that you are taking your leisure time seriously and relaxing.

Hire a boat
If you want a boat hire Sydney gives you many options. There are short tours where you can cruise for an hour and then there are long hires. These long hires last for an entire day or longer. For instance, you can hire an entire boat with 3 beds for the day and night, spend some romantic time on the waters and return home in the morning. This is one of the best ways to spend time when you are in Sydney.


The other option is to have a dinner cruise. Exciting and enticing, this option will be more appropriate for a group or 20 – 200 people who want to have fun together. You have party themes on the boat, the dinner buffet is prepared live and served hot as you celebrate. The occasion may be a birthday or a work anniversary, all the friends and well-wishers get together and have the bash on the boat.

Check the conditions
Some boats you hire have restrictions on the thing you can bring aboard. This includes the food and the drinks and it is up to you to check with the boat owner whether you can bring your own food and drinks aboard. Then, you can go ahead and party, as you ride the waves off the Sydney Harbour. They also have a maximum number of people you can have on board.


This could present problems and you might have to search for the right boat. For instance, if you have 40 people in your group and the boat has a capacity of only 30, then you must discard that boat and find a bigger one. Usually, the minimum hire period is fixed for 3-4 hours. The hire charges vary from $325 – $500 per hour depending on the size of the boat and the facilities it has on board.

The thrill of the water is always a powerful magnet for all. It entices and the gently swaying waves lull our senses into a peaceful state of existence. This is why dining on the water is so charming. People never tire of eating out on the water while the boat takes them on a ride along the Sydney Harbour.


Pick the right boat
You will surely enjoy your Sydney cruise if you spend some time choosing the right boat for your leisure time activity. For those who love to race on the water, a powerboat is the best choice. But, if you prefer to wallow on the waves and enjoy the breeze drifting off the water, then a sailboat with slower speeds is preferable.

A little planning goes a long way to making your boating pleasurable. The pleasure of spending time on the boat will enhance the quality of your leisure time experience. Check out two or three boat renters before you pick one for your holiday.

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