Achieve Just Not Good But Best Performance with Brass Parts


Brass is an alloy of zinc and copper; a shining metal which is seen widely as home décor, musical instruments, statutes and idols. But that is just not all, brass parts are used in almost every industry due to the following features-

  • Conductive- The existence of copper makes brass parts more conductive. These items can be used to pass electricity
  • Less friction- Brass is smooth and do not cause much friction even when grease or lubricants are not used. This property makes it suitable for several mechanical uses.
  • Flexible- Brass can be easily molded into various forms as it has a low melting point and good flow. Brass parts are so flexible that on one hand these can be used as acoustic devices and on the other hand, these can be used in watches and clocks.
  • Good looks- This is another reason why brass parts used. The lustrous look of the metal makes it ideal for making jewelry, home décor and other accessories. While more of copper gives a rosy tone to brass parts, more of zinc gives it a silvery look.
  • Anti-corrosive- Brass parts can resist corrosion when exposed to acids, alkaline and sea water. Brass parts can be enameled and brazed to provide better resistance to corrosion.
  • Fire retardant- While brass has the high conductivity of copper, it also consists the neutrality of zinc to fire. For this reason, brass parts do not catch fire or melt when exposed to high temperatures.
  • Durable- Due to the factors that brass parts are rust free and fire proof, these have a prolonged life. With less wears and tears, there is less need of maintenance and replacement.

So where can you use brass parts. These are generally used in the

  • Marine engines and pumps- The brass parts are used as pipe fittings and as joints on naval ships. This alloy is perfect for such use for its rust free nature.
  • Clocks- Brass parts are non-magnetic and hence are used to join clocks, watches, electrical terminals and munitions.

Now let us checkout the common types of brass parts in use. Brass parts can be manufactured both by cold working and hot rolling. Hence these are available in various forms like nuts, bolts, threaded parts, jets, taps, injectors, valves, balance weights. You can also find brass parts as springs, flanges, faucet handles, sprinkler heads, door and window fittings.

Getting a good brass part is not only important for high performance of the devices but also for the safety of the workers. So ensure that the below checks are made while purchasing brass parts-

  • Ensure that the brass part manufacturer is ISO certified. If the products are approved by ISO it means there are negligible chances of getting substandard products.
  • Get customized brass parts. The parts should match with the size and shape of the equipment on which it has to be used. Choose a manufacturer who can provide you with brass parts as per given specifications.

So why wait? Get the best brass parts today to have a highly performing production process.

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