8 Things to Look for in Managed Hosting Services

There has been a rapid surge in IT jobs during the last few years. As technology advances day by day, doorways to new opportunities are opened, giving all new meaning to creativity and innovativeness. Among the many different types of employment, managed hosting services is one of the most in demanding of all computer graduates look forward to when pursuing their professional career. Nevertheless, finding a hosting company that gives the best service remains a daunting task.

If only you knew how to evaluate a managed hosting company, easier the process would’ve been. Considerable factors include type of service, hardware, technology utilized, pricing and customer care to help make the right decision. Let’s find out about what to look in a web hosting company.

  1. Technology comes first

Before selecting a particular hosting company, ensure that it can support the site you’re planning to develop. Almost all companies support basic HTML websites still, if you’re thinking of utilising a Content Management System (CMS) or any other backend technology, ensure that it’s supportable.

  1. Type of Services

Hosting companies provide customers with a choice of either selecting shared or personalized hosting servers as per feasibility. Just as it sounds, shared hosting accumulates multiple customer accounts on a single server while personalized service house a single user. Among the both, shared hosting is much preferred by many due to its affordability. Meanwhile, dedicated servers offer the best security features and is more favoured by corporate clients.

  1. Sturdy hardware

The role of hardware when looking for exceptional web hosting can’t be neglected. As servers are up and running 24/7, it’s very important they’re sturdy enough to withstand such pressure. A simple hardware server is enough for lighter websites that are developed using simple HTML but for dynamic sites that run abundant applications all at once require fast and robust system. Now your website’s scripting language will determine the type of hardware to choose.

  1. Pricing strategies

Price varies greatly between different companies and service providers in order to compete in the technological market more effectively. Also, cost depends on number of services and packages offered, the more the package offers in terms of space and bandwidth, higher will be the price. Also, managed hosting services come with flexible payment options relieving customers as they can pay monthly, annually, quarterly or bi-annually on their convenience.

  1. Customer service: The key evaluating factor

If you want to judge a company and its overall performance, start with customer service which is considered as the key evaluating factor. Establish contact with a potential web hosting organization via telephone or email, asking them all you need to know. Instant messaging is the best way to get prompt reply for your queries. When dealing with personal websites, response time should be at least 24 hours but not when tackling business applications as quick resolution is expected.

  1. Blogging

Blogging is yet another factor that helps in determining a company’s success. Even if you don’t have time to write intuitive blog posts, ensure web hosting service support relevant tools like WordPress and many others. Small businesses have experienced a massive growth during last few years just because of outstanding blog posts pulling customers like a magnet.

  1. Storage space

Each company offers a specific storage limit depending on the type of service you’ve chosen. There’re some that even provides infinite storage limit but it all depends on the user. Do ask the web hosting provider to allot at least 20% additional storage.

  1. Backup facility

Before opting for a particular hosting firm, do ask whether they cater data backup or not. Cloud storage is the latest technology giving the best data accessibility anytime, anywhere. Dedicated servers are located within the clouds so you can easily send and retrieve valuable data without the need of physical hard drives.


Provided above are all the basic aspects one should look upon when seeking the best managed hosting service.

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