5 Things the Car Dealers Should Do


Buying a new car is generally a big task to take upon especially when it comes to the process of negotiating the price of car. Some believe it to be unfair and some sneaky, but this does not mean you would have to be afraid of going into dealership.

Infect many others aren’t actually trying to rip off but at the end of the day a car dealer ship is a business that is just trying to be profitable enough. Look out for these 5 things that the car dealers would do in order to trick you and become irresistible to the customers.


Heavy Pressure
Sales person favourite customers are generally considered to be the ones who are always in a great hurry who do not want to inspect the car thoroughly. So never go to a dealership who is acting rushed even if you need a car immediately taking advantage of it. Infect when they say they do want any sort of a pressure on you, used car salesperson generally do so because it works to their advantage. Rushing the customer would here often allow them to control the entire conversation changing the entire direction that matters other than the process of car buying.

Making it all about the monthly payment
Sales person do ask the potential buyers while making an investment in the car what is the biggest monthly payment that they could afford. With a number in hand they would here calculate the most you could possibly spend and still hit that monthly payment by dragging out a loan as quick as possible. He or she would here want to show you cars, trucks in that price range, which is often higher than what you actually want to spend reassuring you that a better ride is something that is well within your budget.


Limited time offers
Sales person are the ones who would want you to buy the car today itself. So when it looks like you are about to close the deal, they would here push you a bit harder trying to get a sign of contract before heading towards your home. There are a few different ways they could actually do this. Say for example an impending event would never allow you to buy the car in the future. This could be a fact or fiction or it could be anything say the limited nature of the model or color to the end of sale.

Finance Mark-up
Even the major lenders like the banks and credits union would typically charge you more with a used car loan than a new car loan. However some of the dealers would here sell the used cars have taken things to extreme. What generally turns out to happen is that when you are applying for financing through a dealership is that they could have an loan application taken with whatever interest rates you would qualify for. So if the best interest rates that they could find for you is 10% they would then come back to you with a rate that between the 2-4 points higher skimming the extra interest right off the top splitting up with the finance company.

Necessary Ad-Ons In the documents
Most businesses generally tend to offer more than one product where a car dealer is no different. In addition to the car you could hear also purchase treatments or upgrades like the interior theft devices and extended warranties. Say for example the sales person would here likely to frame it under a context that since you are already paying a good amount of money you might want to make sure that it continues to be in a good shape.

This could again be in the form of tire protection, rust proofing, treatments that could guard you against the scratches and the dirt.


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