5 Bike Accessories You Need This Summer

bike accessories

A bike is not good enough for the road or the trails if you do not have the right bicycle accessories. Fortunately, there are many accessories to buy for your bike this summer. Here are just five of them:

Cycling Gloves With Turn Indicators
Once you see these gloves, you will agree that they are very cool. It is very important that you stay safe on the road and most of the time, it is the cyclists who take a beating out of the traffic, getting hit every now and then. Thankfully, with these gloves, the drivers behind you are going to be seeing your every move, your intended turns and they will give you the leeway. These gloves also protect your hands from slipping from the handlebars. If your hands sweat easily, these gloves will come in handily. Riding gloves are as important as your helmet.

A Phone Mount
When you are riding along a route that you are not familiar with, you may need to read the distance from your phone. That is why you need a phone mount for your bike. Many people worry that their expensive smart phone will not be safe on the bike mount, but this is actually safer than keeping your phone in the pocket where it could slip out without you knowing. By having your phone on the mount, which is usually on the handlebars, you can glance at your phone even at high speed and you will be able to see where you are going. Besides, this also makes you look like a professional rider.

A  Bike Light
This is the first accessory that comes to mind when you think of things that can make your bike more functional. Whether it is a city bike, a hybrid or a mountain bike, if you do get out to ride at night, you would need this accessory to light up your way in the dark places in your neighborhood. Also, when you are riding at night, even when the street is well lit, having a bike light makes you more noticeable on the road and this can sometimes be the thin line between safety and harm.

A Handle For Hoisting And Carrying Your Bike
Today, bikes are made with lightweight material making them easy to carry up the stairs. However, this can be a hard task if you do not buy a bike-carrying handle, which is attached between the frames close to where you find the pedals. This is a simple accessory, a leather strap actually but you will appreciate it enough when you carry your bike up the stairs easily.

A Bike Trailer For Shopping
A bike trailer will set you back a good amount of money, but it will be worth every penny that you pay for it. Choose the very best one and you will always look forward to that grocery-shopping trip. It makes shopping on your bike so convenient. It has two wheels attached to it, and they move gracefully such that as long as you keep to the road, you can carry delicate items in it without breaking anything. Summer shopping cannot be any more fun than this. If you are a woman, you should choose a cool women’s bicycle before having these bike accessories.

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