humidity testing chamber

The Working of a Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber

When we manufacture any object, it must operate in a given environment. This means it must be able to withstand the effect of solar radiation, temperature, humidity, dust, high and…

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Student Practice Centre

3000 Practice Centres set up for NEET, JEE Main 2019

The news that has got many NEET and JEE Main 2019 aspirants excited recently is NTA’s announcement to set up 3000 computer practice centres across the country. The objective is…

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Horse Riding

Horse Riding 101 – Teaching Your Friend To Gallop Away

There is nothing more joyous than teaching your friend something you are good at. But horse riding isn’t like taking a stroll in the park, since it takes a lot…

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furnace-manufacturers- india

How to Pick a Furnace Manufacturer

A number of industrial processes require heat in their manufacturing processes. The requirement of high heat is usually met by using furnaces or ovens. Furnaces are used in factories because…

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Brass CNC Parts

Why Brass CNC Parts are most friendly to CNC Machines?

CNC machines are mini computers which act as a controller for the manufacturing devices. The full name of CNC is Computer Numerical Control and automates machineries by executing pre-programmed commands….

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working of Github

Productive ways of understanding the working of Github

To understand the term Github, we can divide the word into two parts Git and Hub. Git means an open source version control system. It was initiated by Linus Torvalds….

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Select Right Brass Cable Gland for Your Desired Project

Cable glands are the components designed by engineers to allow the cable to make entry to the electrical equipment that offer retention, sealing, earthing, bonding, insulation, grounding, strain relief or…

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